13 Essentials for Spring Decorating

I think it is safe to say that Spring is on its way and that makes me so happy!

The sun has been shining brighter and the days are getting longer. Its no longer dark at 5 pm around here!

With the changing of the weather it makes me want to freshen up the decor and bring in the fresh nature elements into my home. When I think of Spring here are a few things that come to mind that seem essential for spring decorating. I have rounded up the 13 essentials for spring decorating to share them with you today!

1. Spring Flowers – Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths to name a few.

Celebrate spring by bringing the outside in with fresh or faux spring blooms. Flowers always freshen up a space and look great in a full bunch or as a single spring blooms. My favorites are white tulips and nothing beats the scent of fresh hyacinths!

2. Wooden Candlesticks

Another way to add a natural element is with wooden candle stick holders. These can be used for more then candles! Wooden candlesticks are a great way to add height to your home decor.

3. Bunny Rabbits

Spring time and bunny rabbits go hand in hand and are a definitely a must! There are so many cute versions you can add to your decor. White ceramic bunny’s and wooden bunnies are my favorite ones to add to my spring decorations.

4. Terracotta Clay pots

Clay terracotta pots are a great way to add that touch of garden to your home. Fill them with some spring flowers, distress them or use them in vignettes. Terracotta pots come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. My favorites are the distressed terracotta pots.

5. A Terrarium

Terrariums are perfect for creating those cute spring vignettes! These can be filled with so many different things! They are such a beautiful decor item and can add a vintage touch to your spring decorating. I have a this Archway Glass Terrarium that I used in my home decor.

6. Ferns

The perfect spring greenery are ferns! They have a soft organic whimsical feel to them that seems to fit right in with the fresh spring look. They can also be used long into the summer time!

7. Rustic White Washed Lanterns

I love the look of this style of lanterns and with spring comes time outside and these make me think of outside patio parties that are on the way! Fill them with greenery or candles or leave them empty!

8. Faux Eggs

Another natural element to add to your spring decor are some cute faux eggs. Place them in a small nest, scatter them around a centerpiece or use them in a wreath.

9. Botanical Prints

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I absolutely love botanical prints! There are so many pretty versions available. I really love the large hanging canvas versions as well as the free printable version. This is a nice way to add some spring touches to a space.

10. Cake Plates

Cake plates are not just for cake! They are a great way to elevate your decor and can be used year round! There are so many pretty options too! My favorite ones are my wood and marble cake plates as well as my galvanized cake plate!

11. A Cloche


What is it about cloches that make things look more unique once they are under them? Cloches are a nice way to add some interest to your decor.

12. Moss – Live or faux moss


I am a big fan of adding moss into my spring decor. I mostly use faux moss because its affordable and can be bought at most craft stores. There are so many ways that you can decorate with moss. It is a great base item as well as a cute pop of color.

13. Birds

Birds and bird nests are another way to bring the outside into your home for spring decorating. Birds are a sign of spring here in the northern states. When they once again make their reappearance, they are letting us know that warmer weather is ahead.

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1. Old Fashioned Botanical Prints 2. Moss and Twig Spring Wreath 3. Tulips 4. White Birds 5. Cast Iron Bunny Rabbit 6. Poster Print Calendula 7. Planters 8. Cloche with Rustic Wooden Base 9. Rabbit 10. Faux Speckled Pastel Green Eggs 11. Wooden Candle Stand 12. Green Sheet Moss 13. Farmhouse White Wood Metal Lanterns 14. Aged Terracotta Pots 15. Ferns Poster 16. Wood Terrarium 17. Fern

I hope this gave you some ideas for spring decorating this year! I know that I am excited to get some more rooms decorated for spring.

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