20+ Farmhouse Decor Finds at Ikea

Farmhouse Decor from Ikea | www.One-thousandoaks.com

On our way home from the Vintage Market this weekend we drove right past IKEA.

Since it is the only Ikea in the entire state of Michigan and it is 3+ hours away I just had to make a stop.

I mean it is Ikea.

One could always use a new pillow cover or faux plants! Right?!

When you hear Ikea you may mostly think of modern European design and don’t think farmhouse decor. Let me tell you, Ikea is stepping up their farmhouse decor game. No really they are.

Normally I go to Ikea and I have the same few things that I love and don’t care for the remaining 95% of the store too much.  This time I loved just about everything that I saw!

They had this beautiful reclaimed wood wall on one of the first displays that you saw as you got to the top of the escalator.

Ikea Farmhouse Decor | One Thousand Oaks www.One-thousandoaks.com

Ikea Farmhouse Decor | One Thousand Oaks www.One-thousandoaks.com

I snapped a few pictures of things that I loved so that I could share them with you, but Ikea doesn’t have the best lighting. Plus pushing around two kids in those crazy shopping carts while trying to take pictures was not easy either. Here is my round up of over 20 Farmhouse Style decor items that you can find at Ikea for an affordable price!


20+ Farmhouse Finds from Ikea.

These pillow covers are a favorite of mine! They are so soft and have a beautiful texture to them! Plus I love the pop of blue stripes! I have a set on my couch, but I am thinking I need some for my Bedroom as well!

I included three prints of this chair because I just love all of them. The middle one is a blue and white stripe. It is hard to see in these pictures but it is beautiful in person.

Here is a close up of the blue and white stripe chair as well as the quick picture I snapped in Ikea.

These are my favorite artificial Eucalyptus branches that I use in my decorating.

I just spotted these NEW handmade blue, white INNEHÅLLSRIK Pillow Covers and love the look of them! 

And of course the ever popular Ektorp Sofa that you see in many bloggers homes.

There are a few more gorgeous farmhouse items available at Ikea, like these affordable Duvets, Here, Here, and Here.

Ikea Farmhouse Decor | One Thousand Oaks www.One-thousandoaks.com

What is your favorite farmhouse decor item from Ikea?


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  • Kathleen

    I already own 8 of the 20 things! I guess you could say that I love Ikea too! I’ve lived in three states and have been lucky enough to have Ikeas nearby in all of them!I’ve been a fan for 20 years. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xoKathleen

  • Lisa Ehrman

    I love all these beautiful items you found at Ikea. I hope to go there sometime. Our closest store is three hours away in a town that we just never have a reason to visit. Thanks for sharing at Katherines Corner 🙂

    • Jaclynerickson@yahoo.com

      The Ikea near me is out of the way as well, and I never seem to have a reason to go that way either. However, I will be making a special trip to go back around Christmas time because I love their Christmas decor!

      – Jaclyn

  • Heidi

    Thanks for that IKEA farmhouse round-up! I’m definitely putting it on my list of shops to stop at (we live 6 hours away!) the next time I’m out that way!

    • Jaclynerickson@yahoo.com

      I thought my 3 hour drive was bad, oh my 6 hours! I love shopping trips like that though, where you go somewhere and just shop all the stores! lol I do that when I visit my parents! They have some really good stores by them. Hope you have a fun shopping day/days!

      – Jaclyn

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