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The 4th of July is just a week away!

We are heading out on a family camping trip for the entire 4th of July week to visit Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands. I have never been to that part of South Dakota before so I am really excited to go! Each little surrounding town has its own full 4th of July schedule full of fireworks, parades and activities! For this 4th of July loving girl I can’t wait to celebrate every day of the week!

We will be camping in a tent for the entire week. I love camping, we use to go all the time when I was younger, but I never realized how much work it is to go camping! lol All the things we need to bring just to sleep and eat outside seems a bit crazy when its all piled up and ready to go!

I am a planner so I have everything packed and ready to go a week before we leave. Packing for a vacation is half of the fun! haha Some of you might not agree, but for me it is!

I wanted to share my sunroom all decorated out in red, white and blue for the 4th of July. This room is such a fun space to decorate and I love sitting out here at all times of the day, Early-ish mornings drinking coffee and evenings enjoying the colorful sunsets. We have had quite a few thunderstorms lately and those have been fun to watch sitting out here as well.

The only new things that I bought for this space were the two large navy blue pillows from Target and the tassel garland hanging from the ceiling I picked up from the dollar tree.

I have a confession……..I didn’t find very much new 4th of July decor that I loved. The Target dollar spot less then impressed me with their selection this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Target, but I am feeling like their kind of on repeat with their items. Have you noticed that as well?  

Two of my favorite 4th of July decor items are these two handmade signs that I bought last year.

The One Nation under God sign is from Light of Life WI and the Est. 1776 sign is from Rustic Chicks Boutique.

They are both beautifully handmade signs and I love that they are a little different then your typical 4th of July signs.

I also wanted to tell you about this neat trick that I came up with. –If you can call it that

I was looking for a place to put these faux fiddle fig stems that I have. At first I put them on the fireplace mantel in the dining room. They sat there for about a week, but I liked the look of the eucalyptus better (You can check them out here). So I switched it back and the fiddle fig stems were once again homeless.  I moved them out to the sunroom but I couldn’t find the right container to hold them. They have large tops and very small bottoms and kept falling out of every container I put them in or just looked off balanced.

I finally dug out a perfect container from my decor stash, a lantern I bought from Target years ago that had never found a home. I filled the inner part of the lantern with dirt to give the impression that the fiddle fig is real. But if you know me, you know I do not have a green thumb for indoor plants. I kill them all, well all except these two basil plants that I have somehow managed to keep alive all summer. But let me tell you that has been a struggle! 

I love the look of greenery but it needs to be faux for this girl!

I am looking forward to our week long celebration of the 4th of July!













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  • Margie

    I just stumbled on to your blog and I love all of your decor. Where do you store your seasonal decor? I love to change out decor for the seasons but I am finding it a challenge to store the goodies. Also, the large Ocean Picture in your living room brought back so many memories. We had the exact same one in our living room when I was growing up (in Florida).

    • Jaclyn Erickson

      Hi Margie!

      Thank you so much that is so sweet of you! Our home has a very nice upstairs attic room that I am able to store all of my seasonal decor in. I mostly keep everything in storage totes. I try to color coordinate them with the seasons so that it is easy for me to grab the totes that I need for each season. Some seasons have a ton of totes, like Christmas and others only have one. I do try and keep in mind how I am going to store things when I purchase them if I don’t plan on leaving them out permanently. When we lived in our first home that was small and had little to no storage space and no garage, we rented out a storage unit and I was able to keep my totes in there, although at the time I didn’t have nearly as many as I do now! lol I hope this helps! I hope to one day share how I store my not in use decor, but I would like to give our attic space a little makeover first!


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