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Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office | ORC Week 1


My name is Jaclyn and I am the girl behind the blog One Thousand Oaks! My blog focuses on home remodeling, DIY projects and decorating! I share my ideas and inspiration to help others create a beautiful home on a budget.

Today I am so excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge again!

I have participated in three other One Room Challenges. The first one was for my Coastal Bathroom (old home) , my son’s Little Explorer Bedroom (old home), and my daughters Boho Mermaid Bedroom (old home).

This will be the first time that I will be doing the One Room Challenge since we have moved and I am so excited to get started! This was just the motivation that I needed to tackle a big project!

If you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge, it’s an interior design event that happens twice a year. Started and hosted by Linda from Calling It Home, the One Room Challenge is a room makeover challenge. This is a two fold challenge. The first part consists of 20 Featured Designers participating in this challenge who will share their progress every Wednesday. The second part consists of Bloggers share their room makeover progress every Thursday .

Today I’m sharing my plans for an Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office!

The Room

Here is a look at what the room looked liked when we bought the house.

It was the previous owners formal dining room. How they were able to keep those white carpets spotless in there is beyond me! One of the first things that I did when we moved in was to take down all of the floral window treatments. They had a visibly thick layer of dust on the top of them. – Yuck!

When we first moved in this room was the temporary holding room for all of the boxes coming off of the moving truck. From here the boxes got put away. Once the unpacking was all done, this room sat pretty empty. We weren’t sure how we were going to use this room at first. We knew we didn’t need a formal dining room since our actual dining room which is in the next room over is more then big enough to host us and any company we may have.

We finally settled on making this my office where I could work on my blog and small DIY projects. It wasn’t a top priority project list so the room sat and started becoming a drop zone.

Here is the ugly truth my friends.

Where is the lovely white carpet you ask? Let’s just say we had a potty training accident that left quite the messy stain in the middle of the floor. So that had to go. On the plus side that amount of work is already done for me!

What is not seen in the picture is a closet crammed full of currently not being used decor items as well as two large dressers holding a lot of my papers, paints, ribbons, pillow covers… you get the idea. There is a ton of stuff to move out of this room before I can get started. Where is it all going to go? I am going to haul most of it up to the attic and then bring it back down and organize it once the room is finished. At least I will get a good workout in going up and down the stairs a million times!

The Design Plan

I think every great room design has that one thing that is the building block for the whole room. The one item or idea that the whole room is built upon.

I have been dreaming long and hard about how I wanted my home office to look, ff course dreamy vintage goodies with a touch of new and lots of DIY are on the list. I also dreamed up of having a beautiful navy rug with various shades of pink florals across it. I wasn’t sure if what I had envisioned even existed in the rug world. So I got to searching and I found this rug and knew that it would be perfect for what I wanted.

From there I built my design plan incorporating things that I already have and plan to use and other things that I plan to purchase or make to add to my room.

Chandelier | Olive Tree | Tufted Chair |Office Sign | Rug | Vintage Fan | Peonies | Wooden Orb | Magnolia Wreath | Floral Art Prints |Lamp | Succulent Planter | White Pedestal Table |Chevron Pillow

The Paint Colors

I knew that I wanted Navy to be my main color for my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office. Navy is one of my favorite colors and I have been dying to paint a room navy! This is the color palette that I came up with for my Home Office.

Now I won’t be painting all of these colors in my room. But they will pop up in fabrics, art work and decor items!

I am so excited to get started on making over this space. I am going to be focusing on mostly emptying out this space and moving furniture this first week.

The media sponsor for this incredibly fun and inspiring event is Better Homes and Gardens.

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