Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office – ORC Week 6

Hi Friends! Welcome to week 6 of the One Room Challenge! I am so excited to share my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office!

If you are just joining for the first time here is a little recap for you!

The One Room Challenge is a 6 week long challenge for bloggers to make over that space and share weekly updates of the rooms progress. For this years spring challenge I was making over our homes formal dining room into a home office. Today is the big reveal day for my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office! Now that your up to speed on that, lets take one final look at the before pictures before we head on into the office.

Those are the nice before pictures when the room was cleaned out. So much has changed in these 6 weeks! I am so happy that I have remodeled this space! It was being completely under utilized before hand. Now I can’t help but smile every time I walk past…which is quite frequently, because now I have a space that I designed just for me! You might be thinking, Don’t you design your house for yourself? Well yes, but this area is sort of just for me and is really filled with things that fit me.

Now that it is finished I can show you my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office!

Isn’t it dreamy?! Just about everything came together just like I had pictured it in my head and my design board. There were a few hiccups along the way, which we will talk about, but I just kept rolling along. I was not going to let a few things get me off track from finishing up my office.

First lets talk about all the things that have me swooning…

Like those Navy walls and Navy Herringbone Board and Batten Walls.

I can seriously not get enough of the Navy! It is truly the perfect shade of Navy and I just adore it so much! It is so moody and yet by only doing half of the wall for most of the room the space is still so bright.

While this large cabinet didn’t turn out exactly like I had planned it to, I am still loving having this huge cabinet in here and the warmth that it adds to the space. I am currently using it to store my extra vintage books, Paint, and other craft supplies. Plus I had just a little bit of room to decorate the top of it so I added a few of my favorite things, A vintage globe, Jars full of vintage wood pieces and printing blocks, Flowers, My new Clock, and a sign my one of my favorite sign makers.

I tried putting my vintage fan on top of the large cupboard and nearly knocked myself out in the process. You see I am only 5′ 3″ and I can sort of reach the top of the cupboard if I stand on my tippy toes. So I grabbed this extremely heavy solid cast iron fan and decided I was just going to push it up there. Only I didn’t measure to see if it would actually fit, and it didn’t. It was too tall and came to a quick stop about half way onto the top of the cupboard. Being extremely heavy and me standing on my tippy toes using my finger tips to push it up was just a bad combo because it nearly came crashing down on my head. I learned my lesson and used a chair to put up the rest of the things on top of the cupboard.

I really like it sitting on this little vintage stool. It adds some layers to the space. I rolled up some vintage grain sacks, that will one day become pillows, and put them in a basket underneath to add another layer and fill the space. On the wall I hung my Michigan sign because this is my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office and even though I may currently live in Minnesota, I am a Michigan girl born and raised!

One thing that didn’t go as scheduled was the chair that I had planned for my office. It is a gorgeous wing back chair that will make quite a statement once it is finished. It simply did not get finished and I am not sure when it will.

I had planned on deconstructing the chair and making it look similar to this one that I borrowed from my sunroom temporarily. When I started deconstructing the chair the fabric came off very easily, the staples on the the other hand are so embedded into the wood of the chair that I am currently unable to get them out. That really threw a wrench in my plans but once I have more time to work on it I should be able to get it finished.

Another plan that changed with my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office was that I was originally planning to put some floating shelves in this cubby and put the architectural piece on another wall. However my husband suggested that I hang the architectural piece in the cubby because of the navy background it would stand out more and I could not agree with him more! I absolutely love the way that this looks hanging in there. Sometimes you just need a little bit of outside perspective to get the perfect look.

You may notice that this dresser has the same old handles on it and that the center ones are missing. If you hadn’t noticed, well now you know, lol. I bought drawer pulls for this dresser but they were the wrong size and I had no chance to go buy new ones.

Since I was no longer going to be hanging the Architectural piece on the other side wall I needed to come up with a new idea for that space.

I had originally bought the white flower print to put on my floating shelves but those were no longer going to happen so I decided to create a floral gallery wall.

While none of my art work is vintage I do love the way that it looks in my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office. I found all three flower artworks at my local TJMaxx store. I would love to get a little bench to sit in this space but I haven’t found one yet.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my stories about making over the light fixture for this room. This Chandelier was a complete DIY project! I plan on sharing a tutorial on the blog here soon on how I did it.

I will tell you that it is part of the original light that hung in this room when I started the remodeling process to turn this room into my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office room makeover! While this round was a little bit more stressful then other rounds, I am extremely excited with how my space came together!

If you have a space that you would like to have made over but are struggling to come up with a design plan, email me at and I would be happy to provide my services to help you create a beautiful home within your budget frame.

The Design Details

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