How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

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How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

Does your bathroom have one of those plain blah looking mirrors in it? Today I am going to show you how to upgrade that builder grade mirror and add some beautiful character to your bathroom by simply adding a frame to your mirror!

I am not sure what the best part of this DIY project was – The fact that I was able to easily frame a bathroom mirror without removing it from the wall, or that the whole project took less than 30 minutes to frame two bathroom mirrors or that this bathroom now has two beautiful mirrors now! I am thinking all of the above!

This project all started when my friend Ashley asked me to give her bathroom a mini makeover. She wasn’t loving the way it looked but it also wasn’t in the budget to do a full bathroom remodel. I was thrilled with the idea and slightly nervous at the thought as well. I had never designed a space for someone else’s home before. The more we talked about the bathroom makeover the more I got an idea of her style and what she wanted her bathroom to look and feel like. My excitement to create a bathroom that she was going to love grew and I wasn’t so nervous to try this new adventure.

Here is a look at the bathroom before we got started.

For the bathroom makeover I created an overall grey and black bathroom design board and then two visual mood boards to help give an idea of what the space would look like once it was finished.

The main colors of the bathroom makeover are Grey, Black and White. This color scheme created a great neutral relaxing space that could easily be given a new look just by swapping around the decor and towels.

We made a list of things that we could do that would improve the space and also work with what was already there. Our list looked something like this:

  • Paint the walls
  • frame the bathroom mirrors
  • paint the bathroom counter tops
  • paint the bathroom floors
  • paint the bathroom cabinets
  • build some shelves over the toilet
  • add in some cute decorations

We were in the middle of working on the bathroom makeover when Frame My Mirror® reached out to me to do a collaboration. What perfect timing! Framing the bathroom mirrors was on our project to do list and the Add A Frame® kit from Frame My Mirror® made framing a bathroom mirror look so easy and I am happy to say that it really was so quick and easy to install! This is definitely the easiest and most hassle free way of adding a frame to an existing bathroom mirror!

How to frame an existing bathroom Mirror with an Add A Frame® kit from Frame My Mirror®

The first thing you will need to do is to head on over to and browse the selection of Add A Frame® kits. They have a wide variety of Styles to fit every bathroom design. It will be hard to pick just one favorite! I suggest ordering some samples of frame styles and colors that you like to see how they will look in your space. Frame My Mirror® offers $1 samples and they always have fast and free shipping on all of their items!

For this bathroom makeover we ordered three different frame styles in both white and black.

The original design plan was to do a black frame on the mirrors but after seeing the samples in the bathroom we decided to go with the Eastland white frame for the bathroom mirror.

Supplies needed to frame a Bathroom Mirror.

Here are a list of supplies that are needed to install a bathroom mirror frame from Frame My Mirror®.

  • Hand Drill or Screw Driver
  • Hammer
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Rag
  • Box Cutter
  • Level ( Optional )

Prep the Mirror for the frame installation.

Now it is time to get the mirror ready to add the frame. Like I said before you do not have to the mirror from the wall to add the frame. I don’t know about you but taking down those big builder grade mirrors scares me a bit. I am always afraid they are going to break in my hands as I am moving them so I loved the fact that I was able to frame the mirrors without removing it from the wall!

Builder grade mirror clips - How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror tutorial

Of course all of those builder grade mirrors come with those big thick mirror clips to hold them onto the wall. So the first thing that you need to do is to replace the plastic mirror clips with the metal ones that came with the Add A Frame® kit.

After that you will need to clean the mirror with some rubbing alcohol. I have never cleaned a mirror with rubbing alcohol before, but I love how clean and streak free the mirror looks afterwards! Maybe I am late to the game on this mirror cleaning tip, but I definitely plan on cleaning my mirrors with rubbing alcohol from now on!

How to frame an existing bathroom mirror - One-Thousandoaks.Com

How to Assemble the Bathroom Mirror Frame

Assembling the mirror frame was so simple and it only took a few minutes! The Add A Frame® kit comes with the frame pieces already ready to go there is no need to measure and cut! On the back of each frame piece you will find a label with the length of the board on it so you can quickly identify and build the frame for the mirror.

Layout the frame pieces with the back sides up on a flat level surface. Now you will need the glue, corner connectors and hammer to build the frame.

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror - One Thousand Oaks

Starting in one corner apply the glue along the end of the frame pieces and then place the two frame ends together. Place the corner connectors into place with the words facing upwards and then hammer them into place. You want the connectors to sit flush with the frame.

Check the frame for any glue that spills out of the corner seam of the frame and wipe it off with a wet rag. Repeat these steps for the remaining corners of the frame.

How to frame abuilder grade mirror -
How to build a frame for a bathroom mirror -
DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

Now that the frame is assembled it is time to test fit it onto the bathroom mirror. This is where the level can come in handy to make sure that you have the frame straight. You will also need a second set of hands for this next step. Once the frame is in the desired spot, attach the cardboard corner guides snugly to the inside corners of the frame. The corner guides will help you know where the frame needs to go when it is time to attach the frame to the mirror. These are easy to remove once they are no longer needed!

While holding the frame up to the mirror, you will need to note the locations of the metal mirror clips and if any of them run into the blue strip of adhesive tape. I used post it note tabs to mark the locations of the metal mirror clips. You will also want to mark which side is the top of the frame. My mirror clips were in different locations along the top and the bottom which I realized as we went to attach the frame. So save yourself the trouble of almost putting it on wrong and mark the top side of your frame.

DIY Framed Bathroom Mirror-

To get an even flat adhesion of the frame to the mirror you will need to remove any section of the tape where the metal clips are located. I used a box cutter to cut the tape and then peeled off that section with my fingers. An exacto knife would also work to cut the tape. The tape is really easy to cut so there is no need to press down too hard.

Easiest way to frame a bathroom mirror -

Now peel off the cover of the adhesive tape and place the frame into position using the cardboard corner guides. – The adhesive is very sticky so do not let it touch the mirror until it is in place! Once the mirror is in the correct place press the frame firmly and evenly to the mirror.

How to install a DIY bathroom mirror frame -

The frame will adhere to the mirror instantly. Remove the cardboard corner guides by simply pulling them off. Don’t worry if the adhesive square pulls off and sticks to the mirror it can easily be pulled off with your hands.

Now stand back and admire your new DIY framed bathroom mirror!

I was so surprised how quickly the look of the bathroom changed just by framing the existing bathroom mirrors! It instantly transformed the whole look and feel of the bathroom!

I am so excited to keep working on this space

DIY Framed Bathroom Mirror - How to add a frame to a mirror

If you are looking for a way to quickly and easily update your bathroom I absolutely suggest getting an Add A Frame® kit from Frame My Mirror®! You can use the code: OneThousandOaks15 for 15% off your order. Code is good for 90 days from today!

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How exciting is that?!

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to frame a bathroom mirror using an Add A Frame® kit from Frame My Mirror®!

How to frame those builder grade mirrors quickly and easily -
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