3 Ways to Transition Your Magnolia Wreath For Fall

Learn these three simple tips for creating an easy DIY fall wreath for your home! This is a beginner craft level so anybody can make one! The ways to decorate with this wreath for fall are endless! 
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Today my new friend Martina will be sharing some of her fall decorating tips! I hope that once you are done reading through her tips on decorating with a Magnolia wreath for Fall that you will head on over and check out her blog! Let me just say that it is beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing what other tips she has to share!

Hi Friends! I’m Martina from The Lived-in Look, and I’m so excited to be here sharing a few of my tips to style your Magnolia wreath for fall! If you’ve read Jaclyn’s post on 10 Affordable Magnolia Wreaths then you know just how expensive these gorgeous décor pieces can be. It’s sometimes a challenge to find a quality wreath at a great price. Which is exactly why I wanted to try to save money with my décor this season and repurpose my own magnolia wreath for fall.

I’m really loving the softer neutral tones for fall décor this year and knew I wanted to go in a different direction than my typical autumn reds and oranges for our porch. Saving money was at the top of my list with our décor this year, so I was determined to repurpose some of my existing pieces for fall.

My magnolia wreath made its debut at our new house for spring, and while it’s a beautiful wreath all on its own, it was definitely lacking some character to carry us through fall. I decided to update it using just a few natural elements to give it a fresh look for the season. 

A quick trip to the craft store and the only money I spent on this project was $11 for a set of simple cream pumpkin picks. That’s a pretty good deal for a new fall wreath. And because I had so much fun styling this inexpensive wreath, I wanted to share with you the different combinations I came up with for a new fall look.

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Transition Your Magnolia Wreath for Fall

#1 – Neutral Pumpkin Magnolia Wreath

Supplies Needed

  • Magnolia Leaf Wreath
  • Pumpkin crafting picks

Inspired by these neutral cream pumpkin picks from Hobby Lobby, this was by far the easiest and simplest way to add a touch of fall to my magnolia wreath. I began by laying out the pumpkins in an evenly spaced pattern on my wreath so I could visualize how the finished product would look. I abide by the rule of odd numbers with décor pieces, so 7 pumpkins ended up being the perfect amount to add to this wreath without it appearing too symmetrical and perfect.

The pumpkin picks were designed for use in floral arrangements and wreaths, so their bendable metal stems made it incredibly easy to place throughout my magnolia wreath. I began by inserting the stem all the way through the wreath and wrapping it into the grapevine base for added stability to hold it in place.

I continued these steps with the remaining pumpkin stems making sure to secure them in different directions. You will want to adjust and bend them into place so they aren’t simply lying  flat and perfect against the magnolia leaves.

That’s it! For about $11 and 5 minutes of my time I have a gorgeous and simple neutral fall wreath featuring pumpkins for my fall porch.

These bright pumpkin picks were the cutest little accent to my dark green wreath. The contrast of the colors was enough to make a statement for fall, but of course I couldn’t just stop there so I played around with styling another fall option for this wreath.

# 2 – (Practically) No Cost Pinecone Wreath

Supplies Needed

  • Magnolia Leaf Wreath
  • Large Pinecones
  • Craft Wire
  • Scissors

This has to be my favorite way to update my magnolia wreath for fall. I love that I was able to gather items from my own backyard to create this fun and easy look for practically no cost. 

We’re lucky enough to have several evergreen trees lining our backyard, so I’m set for life whenever it comes to crafting with pinecones. I used the same approach as in the pumpkin version of this wreath to create a neutral fall look using pinecones. My pinecones were around 4 inches in size and fairly large, so I was able to use the same number of pinecones as I did for the pumpkin pick option.

The only extra step needed for this project is to wrap the individual pinecones with craft wire in order to secure them to your wreath. Measuring about 10 inches of wire, you’ll cut and wind the wire strip around the stem of each pinecone to create a “pick” that can be used to wrap the end of the wire through your wreath. It can be somewhat tricky to wrap the wire through your pinecones, so take care not to use too much force, or you may end up breaking several of the scales off of your pinecone.

Once you’ve assembled your individual pinecone picks you’re ready to get started weaving them throughout your wreath. Since these picks aren’t as sturdy as the store bought pumpkins, you’ll want to wrap your wiring around the grapevine stems of the wreath several times for a snug and secure fit.

I’m so glad that I purchased this particular style magnolia wreath. The grapevine backing made it incredibly easy to position and secure my pinecones throughout it while making it look realistic with its full set of magnolia leaves. 

# 3 – Pumpkin and Pinecone Magnolia Wreath

I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, and decided to combine both of these looks into one wreath. And boy am I so glad I did!

This pumpkin and pinecone combination was the perfect style to give this gorgeous magnolia wreath a rustic fall look.

I love that I can easily disassemble this wreath and reuse the materials for another fall project in the future. 

Which wreath is your favorite look? I ended up leaving this wreath all decked out with the pumpkins and pinecones for a neutral fall look on our door and I couldn’t be happier. I can definitely picture an updated spring version of our wreath next year featuring tulips and Easter eggs. I can honestly say this is one of the most versatile pieces of décor to own, since you can style it an endless number of ways for each season. 

Thanks so much for letting me stop by to inspire you today friends!


3 Ways to Transition your Magnolia Wreath for Fall | Check out these three simple tips for creating an easy DIY fall wreath for your home! Start with a base Magnolia wreath and go from there! The ways to decorate with this wreath for fall are endless! #falldecoratingideas #easyfallDIY #fallwreath #fallwreathideas #Fall2019 #Magnoliawreath

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