4th of July Stars and Stripes Banner

Today I am excited to share with you how to make a quick and easy 4th of July stars and stripes banner.

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything that accompanies it. The warm summer day’s, BBQ’s, fireworks, the parades, and celebrating the independence of our country.

I love walking into the stores and seeing all the red, white, and blue. I plan out red, white, and blue themed outfits for the entire week leading up to the 4th of July for my kids and myself. I can normally only get my husband to participate and wear something patriotic themed on July 4th. That’s ok with me, at least I get one day!


The 4th of July will be here quickly, so it is time to get out the patriotic decorations!

I am sharing with you one of my new DIY Patriotic Decorations.


I walked into Target the other day and spotted these wooden stars in the dollar section. I thought they were adorable and I figured I could find a way to decorate with them.

My first step was to stain them. I used Minwax wood stain in Dark Walnut. I used a cotton rag to wipe the stain on the front and back of each star. I found it easiest to remove each star from the string first. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your skin and to stain your items in a well ventilated area. I stained mine outside.

It was pretty warm out and the stars only required a thin layer of stain so they dried pretty quickly. I then used 1 inch painters tape and applied it to each star. I used a small piece of tape to measure out the 1 inch space in between each strip of tape. Make sure you press down the edges of the tape so that the paint doesn’t bleed underneath it.



I used a foam brush and just used some white DecoArt paint that was on hand. I brushed it along the direction of the grain on the wood. Once I had the stripes all painted I took off the tape right away. As long as you do not apply a heaping amount of paint you should be fine to remove the tape. If you wait and let it dry it could pull off some of the paint and we don’t want that. Unless of course you do then go right ahead. It might give it a more vintage feel.





A new 4th of July decoration in three easy steps.



Stain. Tape. Paint.


I love my new 4th of July porch decorations!


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