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The 4th of July seemed to arrive so quickly this year! My 4th of July decor has been up for awhile but I have been so busy enjoying the summertime with my kids and getting ready for baby #3 to arrive that it sort of snuck up on me. But I couldn’t let one of my favorite holidays pass by without sharing my decor – even if it is a bit late!

I really love the way this years 4th of July Farmhouse decor in the living room turned out! It has a lot of vintage touches and a few handmade and some newer store bought finds, which pretty much sums up my typical decorating style!

My 4th of July Farmhouse Mantle Decor

When I decorate a space I like to start with the focal point of the room and then work out from there. In my living room, my fireplace is one of the first things you see as you enter the room. I don’t really have anything that inspired my 4th of July mantel this year, I kind of just started decorating and it all came together.

Red White and Blue decor ideas for the 4th of July

The first thing that I put up were the fabric patriotic bunting. I found this set at Home Goods and instantly fell in love with them! I love the unique style of them! They actually reminded me of some patriotic bunting from my Spectacular Farmhouse style PatThriotic Porches round up that I put together. I had been contemplating on trying my hand at making some, but I found these and loved them! They were just the perfect size to fit on my fireplace. I used small clear command hooks to hang the flag buntings.

After the bunting was in place I brought in my chalkboard from my dining room. – You can see it styled for Spring here. I added my Stars and Stripes banner to the top of it. This banner is such a quick and easy DIY 4th of July project! You can customize it however you want, but I personally love the neutral look!

Patriotic farmhouse signs for decorating for July 4th.

Next up was adding my farmhouse signs. All of the signs came from small shops! The America sign came from Ebenezer Market. The 1776 sign came from Rustic Chicks Boutique. The One Nation Under God sign came from Dixie Do Designs, but they have since closed their shop. – I did find one small shop maker with a similar One Nation Under God Farmhouse Sign.

I didn’t have another 4th of July farmhouse sign to add to my mantel so I added the white wooden star to keep it balanced.

One Nation Under God Farmhouse sign for the 4th of July.

I finished off my Red white and blue patriotic mantel with some white star cut out lanterns from the target dollar spot and some American flags. Everything that I used to decorate my 4th of July fireplace mantel this year were things that I already had on hand! I love when I can decorate a space using things I already own and create a whole new look.

Patriotic Mantel Decor for Independence day.

My Vintage 4th of July Living Room Decor

As much as I love decorating with red white and blue for the 4th of July I found it fun to add in some vintage Americana decor this year. All of my vintage 4th of July decorations came from thrift stores! I found these city pennants and bought them to add to my sons’s Little Explorer room once we get to designing his room in this house. You can see his little explorer room put together in our last house HERE. Since they were just sitting around waiting to be used, I decided to create a little gallery wall art with them here in the living room. I think that they go perfectly with this presidential cork board that I also found thrifting!

The Cork sign starts with President Washington and goes all the way through to President Carter. My mom told me that she had the same sign in her bedroom when she was younger, which I thought was pretty cool.

Vintage Americana decor for the 4th of July. Vintage state pennants and presidential decor in honor of Independence day

You might have noticed that my Pothos plant moved over here. It was starting to look a little sad and I don’t think it was getting enough sunlight over on the other side of the room. If you want to take a look at how I styled it before you can see that HERE. I really loved it over there on that table, but this is the longest that I have kept a house plant alive so it had to move!

Vintage presidential decor for the 4th of July.
Vintage Presidents of the United States vignette

Styling this small space next to my vintage farmhouse table has always been a struggle for me. I haven’t found something to fill this space properly, until now that is. I have had these chippy white railings sitting in the corner of my sunroom for sometime but switched things up and moved the basket of chippy white spindles to the dining room fireplace hearth and filled them with some eucalyptus. Then I changed up the dining room for summer and they ended up in this corner, next to my table. I love the look of the old american flag – another thrift store find – with the chippy white farmhouse spindles!

These spindles are true vintage chippy white spindles, but I have figured out a way to replicate the look! If your interested in seeing how check out my tutorial on How to get the Chippy White Farmhouse Paint look.

Old Glory on chippy white farmhouse spindles

Shortly after we moved into this house my husband and I were talking about how cool it would be to find an american flag with less then 50 stars on it. A few months later we open up the garage attic and find a 48 star flag! So needless to say it has mad an appearance every 4th of July since! This year I added the flag to my “new” table in the living room. I kept some of the decor on the table the same as when I first styled it, but by changing a few things it gave this space a whole new look!

4th of July Farmhouse Decor in the Living Room

I swapped out my little white barn picture for this one that my husband had of President Wilson. The picture was another thrift store score. It added the perfect height for me to drape the 48 star american flag across. I added a faux plant and this vintage looking clock on top of some books to the other side of the table.

4th of July Farmhouse Decor in the Living Room

This mini liberty Bell was another – You guessed it! – Thrift store find! I think it is just the cutest thing and adds that perfect touch to my 4th of July decor! I have not come across any other liberty bell decor for the 4th of July before and I am not sure why though because it is so perfect!

Liberty Bell 4th of July decor | 4th of July Farmhouse Decor in the Living Room
Vintage american flag decor |  4th of July Farmhouse Decor in the Living Room

I hope you have enjoyed my 4th of July Farmhouse Decor in the Living Room!

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