5 Simple ways to Decorate for Valentines Day

You don’t have to go all out decorating for Valentines day. Simple touches are a great way to decorate for this short holiday! I am not a fan of the in your face Valentines decor and prefer to add the smaller touches around the house. Here are my five tips for Simple ways to decorate for Valentines day.

1. Add just a touch of Valentines Day Color

Adding just a pop of color is a great way to add the feel of the holiday to your home. A touch of red or maybe a hint of pink is all you need to dress up the space. I like to do this with a throw blanket, like this Red cable knit one or by adding a some colorful flowers like these pink roses.

I also like this throw blanket combo, It comes in so many colors so if red isn’t your thing don’t worry! You also get two throw blankets for the price of one and they are super cute!

2. Put out a cute Valentines Day sign

The options for farmhouse signs are truly endless with all the custom sign makers there are. Adding a Valentines day sign is the perfect way to add a touch of Valentines day decor to your home.

I like the simplicity of this ‘Love is Sweet‘ sign. It could be used in a master bedroom after Valentines day is over. I love hand lettered scrolls, and sadly the girl that made mine is no longer making them. I did find another scroll maker with equally beautifully hand lettering. This ‘ The Beginning Scroll  ‘ would be perfect for decorating for Valentines day. I find this ‘ I have loved you a thousand times..‘ sign so sweet, and its a little different then the typical Valentines day signs.

These are some of my favorite sign makers – My Trusted Treasures, Light of Life Wi, Handmade Mercantile Co and Grace Filled Farmhouse. Do you have a favorite sign maker? Leave me a comment below and let me know! I would love to check them out!

Love Shiplap sign can be found here.

3. Add hearts

Valentines day is all about love so sprinkle those hearts around like confetti. Hearts are a go to…heart signsheart wreathsheart banners. You can decorate with them in so many ways. I have always loved the reclaimed wood hearts and plan on adding some to my decor! I really love this Pink and White Reclaimed wood heart! This Moss Heart wreath would be perfect for the front door and could easily transition into Spring decor as well! This Rustic Metal heart is perfectly neutral and could also be used long after Valentines day is over!

Heart Garland Tutorial here.

You can find the Grapvine heart here.

4. Style a Tiered Tray

Maybe you want to keep it really simple for Valentines day, then decorating a tiered tray is the way to go. It keeps all the decor in one focal spot in the room that is often the used the most in the home, the Kitchen! These are some tiered trays that I think are adorable and affordable. I picked three different styles to choose from, a Three Tier Wire Tray , a Rustic Wooden 3 Tiered Tray, and a galvanized metal three tiered tray.

5. Add some Valentines throw pillows

Throw pillows are my go to for decorating! They are so simple and quick and can change the whole look to a space. I like to mix in some adorable themed pillows with my neutral couch pillows. This Hugs & Kisses pillow would look great added to any bed or bench! This Love Throw Pillow would look cute layered with a red pillow.

My favorites that I have in my home are these Red striped throw pillows and these black grain sack pillows.

What are some ways that you decorate for Valentines Day?

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