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My name is Jaclyn and I am the blogger behind One Thousand Oaks.

One Thousand Oaks is a blog dedicated to showing you how you can create a

beautiful home on a budget.

You will find inspiration related to interior decor, home remodeling projects, DIY tutorials, seasonal projects, recipes, organizing, favorite finds, and real life living.


Now a little bit about me…



I grew up in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. I am the oldest of four kids and the only girl. This is the most recent picture I could find of my parents and brothers all together. This was taken in 2009, So needless to say we need a new picture since my brothers are not so little any more.




See, not little anymore. I am now the shortest one of the group at 5’3″ as they all are around 6′ and taller.




I met my husband Tad at college in Florida. We actually never dated while we were both at college. We started dating after I returned home to Michigan to continue school. We did the long distance dating for the first few years of our relationship.  On one of my visits to see Tad, in his home state in Minnesota, we were talking about college and how Michigan had a crazy long wait list for Nursing programs, which is what I was going to school for. Tad suggested that I check out schools in Minnesota. I contacted a few of the colleges closest to where Tad lived and sure enough my jaw hit the floor when they told me they had immediate openings. I packed my bags and moved to Minnesota and started in the Nursing program. I graduated in the Spring of 2011 with my Nursing Degree.




In August 2010, Tad and I took a road trip vacation out to Oregon, Washington and Vancouver, Canada.

-Nothing bonds people like spending 20+ hours in a car with each other-

It was on this trip that Tad purposed, high atop the Space Needle in Seattle Washington.




We were married in October of 2011. We just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this October 2016. We spent our first four married years in Minnesota where we grew our family. It started out with the two of us, then we added two fur babies, Alby the white American Stafford shire Terrier and Rogan the gray Weimaraner in 2011.




This is the latest picture of the boys, You can see how much they have grown. Keeping true to himself, Alby always looks away from the camera just as your about to snap the picture.




Arianna was born into our family in 2013.



Ryder was born into our family in 2015.



Living in Minnesota wasn’t always easy for me, as I wanted to live in Michigan near my family. You can read about my struggle in my post Out with the Old in with the New and how I got through it.


Our family moved to my home state of Michigan in January 2016. Our new house is what inspired me to start my blog and where my blog name, One Thousand Oaks, came from.  When I was thinking about a name for my blog I focused on our house and the elements of it. It may have been because I was in the midst of raking all the fallen leaves at the time, but it felt as if there were one thousand oak trees around our house as it took me a few days to rake all of the leaves in our yard. From that One Thousand Oaks was named.



In a crazy turn of events our family, moved back to Minnesota. While this was a huge deal to me and extremely hard to do, I am in love with our new home in Minnesota! It is providing me with a lot of projects to share with you all! Like our Living room floors…and many more projects to come!



Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to get to know a little bit more about me! 

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