Basement Remodel


Tad was gone all of last week in Minnesota, while the kids and I stayed home in Michigan. For me, the days were long and busy. Made even more busy by the fact that our dishwasher decided to stop working the day that Tad left. So all week long I was washing every dish by hand, making my evenings a bit longer.

I have come to the conclusion that we use far to many dishes in a day and we need to work on that.

I did notice that I had less laundry to do when Tad was gone, so that was helpful at least.

The dishwasher also decided to start working again the day Tad got home. Tad just walked up to it and turned it on and it started.

What is up with that!

He kind of looked at me like I was slightly delusional and asked me if I was turning it on the right way. My only guess is that when we had a mini power outage from a storm that it messed it up somehow.

Upon Tad’s arrival home and his magical fixing of the dishwasher he declared that it was time to start the basement remodel. Now our basement doesn’t need a total remodel. It is actually finished off very nicely, but we want to turn part of it into a rental apartment, just like our house in Minnesota. It adds a nice extra income for our family.

This is the before of our basement. These pictures are from our house listing as I forgot to take some before we started. They are not the best quality and I apologize.


The couch table and chair were from the previous owners and are no longer there. This space is empty and is mostly used for riding tricycles and toy cars.


The Bedroom has nice double closets in it.


The Bathroom, nice and big.12647484_10156376595185562_3812119845410839441_n

The Hallway that will be converted into a laundry room. This leads to the part of the basement that will remain for our family to use once we flip the stairs around.


And so demolition day started with cutting a hole in the wall to see what was exactly behind it and if we would be able to build a kitchen there.


So this is the only before picture that I took. The rectangular holes near the floor are air vents we just removed the covers and the squarish hole is the one we cut to see behind the wall.

A mix of daddy’s tools and kids.


Ryder inspects the space behind the wall.


Much to our excitement the space behind the wall will work perfectly to put a kitchen in! The outer wall is already framed and insulated. There are already air ducts installed they just need to be connected to the existing ones and there is copper piping of hot and cold running though there.

This is the progress we made before it was time to put the kids to bed for the night.



Fingers crossed this will go a bit smoother then we anticipated. We are aiming to have the entire project done by the end of September.

Here is our list of what needs to get done:
  • Install kitchen 
  • paint walls
  • build laundry room
  • flip stairs
  • paint cabinets
  • paint bathroom
  • paint bedroom
  • install new entryway door


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