10 Gift Ideas For 1 Year Olds

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We had a great time celebrating Ryder’s first birthday with our family. The birthday boy partied hard all day with no nap and finally crashed just before dinner.


First Birthday’s are always exciting. It is great to have all your family come together and celebrate your little one. They are moving from baby to toddler and most are doing it as quickly as they can walk.

Buying a one year old a gift that they are going to love and play with again and again can be challenging, Especially if they have older siblings that might already have “everything”.  I like to buy gifts that children can grow with and use over and over again.

Here are my top ten gift ideas for a one year old.


1. Building Blocks


Wooden Blocks – 100 Pc Wood Building Block Set with Carrying Bag  (Natural Colored)

You can never have enough wooden blocks to build with. I am always looking to add to our wooden block collection.

2. Anamalz


Torosaurus,  Tyrannosaurus Rex , Triceratops BrontosaurusStegosaurus, Parasaurolophus


Row 1. CowSheep, Emu, BullGoat  Row 2. DonkeyBlack RamLlamaPigHorse

These little wooden pose able animals are a favorite of my kids. I normally have a few in the diaper bag or purse for when we are out and about and they need something to play with. Anamalz also has a zoo set, woodland animals and a mini Australia set that are not pictured. My daughter insists that the Koala is actually a dog.

3. Train Set


Orbrium Toys 52 Pcs Deluxe Wooden Train Set with 3 Destinations

A train set and train table were my son’s big gift from us this year. While he is unable to put the tracks together himself right now, his 3 year old sister can do it just fine. They spend hours playing with this together.

4. Puzzles

BeginAgain Balance Boat Shapes and Colors

Puzzles are great for physical, cognitive and emotional skills. I prefer wood puzzles over the thin cardboard ones. They hold up better to the way kids play or even chew on them.  This is one of our favorites. Not only do they learn shapes and colors, but it also turns into a fun balance game for when they are older.

5. Play Food

Vegetables Set Shopping Basket Set  Fruit Basket Set and Vegetable Set

I just adore these felt food sets and out of all the play food we have, these get played with the most. We originally got ours from IKEA but I know that not everyone has an IKEA near them. The closest IKEA is 3+ hours away from us now. Good news you can get these on Amazon!

6. Bath Toys

81N5WsRnq-LBathtub Ball-Eco Friendly Rubber Bathtub Toy

Bath Toys are must in this house! The bath toys I find in the stores are often not the best, as they don’t drain out the water well and often mold. What I love about these bath toys is not only are they made with natural rubber, they drain well and are dishwasher safe! So they are easy to clean when needed.

7. Musical Instuments

718hflebYTLB. Parum Pum Pum Drum – Lime

Music time happens at least once a day in our house. This little set has an instrument for everyone to have plus they all store inside of the drum!

8. Little Tykes Riding Car

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car

This car is fun for kids of all ages. I remember playing with one similar with my brothers as kids. This one has a few new features since then. It has a floor board that can be kept in or removed, a door lock and a handle on the top back part of the car. This makes it great for kids who are not able to push themselves in the car just yet and you don’t have to worry about them falling out or their feet getting scraped.

9. Family Doll Set


You & Me – Family Action Figure Set

Both of my kids love to play with the family doll set that we have. My daughter plays with them mostly in the dollhouse with all of their stuff, while my son walks around with the Daddy doll saying “Dada” or puts them all in the car and pushes them around the house while he makes car noises.

10. Shopping Cart

Little Tikes Shopping Cart 

This is always being carted around the house filled with whatever treasures they have and find, babies, blocks, toy cars, blankets etc.

There are my top ten gift ideas for one year olds!

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