Burgundy Fall Porch Decor

September rolled in with a cool breeze and Aldi’s started selling mums and it put me in that fall mood. I mean I still have to wear shorts when I am wearing my hoodies, otherwise I will sweat to death, but hey I will take it!

I got the idea for my Burgundy fall porch last year, so when I saw the deep red colored mums this year I just couldn’t pass them up! Here is my all Burgundy and white themed fall porch. I just love the contrast that the burgundy and warm wood tones have against the white.

I have a small front porch so it doesn’t take long to decorate which is a good thing because having a newborn doesn’t allow for long decorating sessions. I had about 5 minutes tops to whip everything together before the baby figured out that she wasn’t being held and began to cry. I would say it’s not bad for a quick little porch decorating session!

I had to use fake pumpkins for this fall porch because nobody has any real ones for sale yet. When the real pumpkins come out in a couple of weeks I will swap out my fake pumpkins for some real ones. Until then my collection of creamy white pumpkins will do the job.

When I was digging through my fall decor bins I came across this burgundy velvet pumpkin that I had forgotten that I had bought at the end of the season last year. I love buying seasonal decor when it is on sale and then when I open my decor bins the following year it is filled with little surprises that I forgot I bought!

The burgundy velvet pumpkin paired perfectly with this other velvet pumpkin that I had. I really love the look of the velvet pumpkins and might try making some this year.

My porch has its Mums and its Pumpkins and the last thing that it needed was a burgundy fall wreath for the front door. I decided to whip up this bushel basket wreath to go with my fall porch. I bought the burgundy fall flowers at Walmart and the Berry leaf picks at Joann Fabrics.

There you have it my quick and simple Burgundy fall porch decor for my small front porch! This is just what I needed to get me in the fall decorating mood! Now I can’t wait to start decorating for fall around the house!

I am sharing my fall porch as part of the Best of Bloggers Fall porch series! Head on over and check out all of these other lovely porches decorated for fall from a few of my blogging friends! Just click on the picture to head on over to the other fall porches!

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