Cutting Edge Stencils Review

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was in a bit of a remodel daze after finishing my Coastal Kids Bathroom for the One Room Challenge. I have such a large to do list for every room that I was a little lost as to where to go next. Summer was also upon us and I spent many days enjoying it with Arianna and Ryder outside.

I can not leave my to do list sitting dormant for long. Just looking around our house at its khaki colored walls gives me the urge to get to work again.  I was thrilled when I was contacted by Cutting Edge Stencils!  They offered to send me one of their stencils and it was just what I needed to push me back into remodel mode again.

Cutting Edge Stencils offers a large variety of stencils, large and small in just about every pattern you can think of!  They even have these adorable accent pillow stencil kits!




My stencil and stencil essential kit came in a large triangle shaped box. Shipping was very quick, it arrived two days after I placed my order.

The stencil essential kit comes with Dense foam 4″ roller, Natural 5/8″ White Bristle Stencil Brush, and a Clip-on Stencil level.




The hardest part of this project was picking which stencil to use. I finally settled on the Herringbone Allover Stencil after I picked where I would be using it.

I chose to redo our laundry room for this stencil review and here is what our laundry room looked before I got started.




The Laundry room kind of became a drop room for things that didn’t have a home when we moved in, hence the baby gate, gift bags and cleaning bin with extra washing machine hoses in it. So the first step was to clean up anything that didn’t really belong in the laundry room.

I decided that I was going to use my stencil on the front of my cabinet doors to give the room some fun design.

Since this stencil is a directional pattern and I didn’t want to do one wrong I took a small piece of tape and placed it on the top inside of the door and numbered them from left to right of 1-4.




Next is used my Ryobi Sander to sand down the front of the cabinets to give them more of a worn look to them.




Let me just add if you are looking for a sander, I highly recommend this one! The little bag on the back of the sander collects the majority of the sanding dust. Normally sanding is a pretty messy job, but not with this sander! There was hardly and sanding dust on me or my doors. Less mess to clean up after your done is always a good thing! The sanding pads also velcro onto the sander so there is no slipping sandpaper while you are working.




My first idea for the cabinets was to sand them completely down and stain them a darker color and then put the stencil on top of that, but I was working with this Art Deco chalk paint on another project and really loved the look of these two colors.




So I switched up my plans and painted my cabinet doors with the chalk paint.

The base color of the cabinet is Dove Beige chalk paint by Deco Art.




Once the doors were dry I laid my stencil over top of the doors and centered it in the middle. The stencil is heavy enough that it won’t blow away but light enough that tape will hold it up on the wall as well.




Then I used my 4 inch foam roller from my stencil essential kit and painted over top the stencil with the grey taupe chalk paint from Deco Art. Any spots that the roller didn’t get I went over with the Bristle Stencil Brush.




I did all four doors in a matter of minutes. It was very quick and easy. I was very happy to see that the paint didn’t bleed or run under the stencil at all. I had no problems moving the stencil from door to the next. No smudged lines or runny paint marks.

Once they were dry I sealed them with wax and hung them back in the laundry room.

The stencil was easy to clean after I was done, just a little soap and water and it was done!





What do you do with the stencil once you are done using it?

Glad you asked!

Once I was done using my stencil and it was washed up I hung it up in my craft room to use for future projects, you could also roll it back up and store it in the box that it comes in.

I have also used my stencil level for hanging artwork and pictures in my house. It is the perfect size to sit on top of a picture frame while you are trying to hang it up, no extra hands required!

Would you recommend Cutting Edge Stencils?

Yes! I was very impressed with the quality of products from Cutting Edge Stencil and  I really recommend giving their stencils a try! Good luck trying to pick just one!

Want to try them but not sure what you want, check out their Design Idea’s page to get some inspiration!

Cutting Edge Stencils also have a large number of instruction videos you can watch before you get started on your project to help you get started.

Have more questions about Cutting Edge Stencils? Check out their FAQ page

Cutting Edge Stencils was kind enough to give away a $50 store credit to one of my readers! To enter you must fill out the form below! It is that simple! **Giveaway Closed**

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While Cutting Edge Stencils gave me a stencil to review, all opinions in this post are my own. I only promote companies that I enjoy and love.


I will be posting the full laundry room makeover shortly so stay tuned!


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