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Farmhouse Sunroom Decor - DIY Chippy farmhouse pillar candles.

Today I have a fun thrift store upcycle project to share with you – DIY Candlesticks. I am going to show you how I turned an old headboard into some vintage inspired distressed pillar candle holders!

Before I get into that I am excited to share that I have joined up with a lovely group of bloggers for Thrifty Thursday – Where each of us will share a DIY upcycled project or thrift store makeover on the last Thursday of the month.

If you are joining me from another blog, Welcome! I am so happy your here to check out my first ever Thrifty Thursday project! My name is Jaclyn and I blog about DIY projects, home decor, seasonal decor and home remodeling projects. I am excited to be able to be joining this group of talented bloggers and to be able to share some home decorating inspiration!

Here is a list of the other bloggers participating in this monthly challenge. You can find the links to their Thrifty Thursday projects at the bottom of this post!

Maybe your like me and your thrift store upcycle project collection is quite large and has begun to accumulate in your home or in my case, my home and garage! Apparently having a wide selection of used furniture in your garage that may resemble its own mini version of a thrift store is not ideal according to my husband.

Or maybe you come across things in the thrift store that you like but are unsure of how to incorporate it into your home decor. Perhaps your trying to decorate your home on a budget.

Sometimes it just takes another set of creative eyes to envision something new out of something old, that is what Thrifty Thursday is all about!

DIY Upcycled Candlesticks

Learn how to DIY these antique inspired candlesticks. This is such an amazing thrift store upcycle project! These are a must make!! Add a touch of farmhouse style to your home with these DIY candlesticks.

I love decorating with candles in my home. You can find them sprinkled all throughout my home. Pillar candles, taper candles, and votives. Candles in vintage brass candle holders, candles inside of lanterns and extra candles grouped together in baskets. Just about every room in my home has some form of candle in it – Except the kids rooms of course! Candles just make a home feel cozy. In fact they are listed as one of my 5 ways to creating a cozy home.

This is not the first time that I have done a thrift store upcycle project to make DIY wooden candlesticks. I have this tutorial on How to make Farmhouse candlesticks using another common household item that can be found in thrift stores. This time I am making chunky farmhouse style pillar candle holders. The kind with some pretty chippy goodness on them!

I was inspired by this fall tablescape by Liz Marie that featured some large chunky distressed pillar candle holders. They really caught my eye and had me dreaming of a way I could add some to my own home. Vintage antique items are hard to come by in my area, so it was up to me to make some antique inspired candlesticks.

Shortly after that I was browsing my local Habitat for Humanity store and came across this bed set for $5. I knew that this is just what I needed to make my antique inspired candlesticks and that all I needed was a little bit of creativity to make them.

It started to sprinkle a bit as I snapped a before picture of the headboard set. Some area’s were more worn away then others, but not as much as the rain drops on them make them look in these pictures.

DIY Candle

How to make a homemade candle holder out of a chunky headboard.

The first thing that I needed to do was to remove the side posts from the center board of the headboard. I used my Ryobi Miter Saw to cut the side posts off. For the foot board I had to cut it down the center first in order to get the saw blade up next to the posts to cut them off.

Once the side posts were removed I cut them in half using my miter saw again. Then I began cutting the posts in different areas to create a variety of different styles of wooden candlesticks.

As you can see I got a lot of DIY recycled candle holders from this one headboard set. I was able to get four full sets of different styled pillar candle holders. One set of the big chunky wooden DIY candle sticks that I was going for, a shorter version of the chunky candle sticks, a set of cylinder candle holders , and a set of a more farmhouse style candlesticks.

Now that I had something resembling a chunky wooden pillar candle holder, it was time to turn them into chippy antique inspired farmhouse candlesticks!

I am not going to walk through the process of making these DIY chippy candlesticks because I actually made a whole post about How to get the Chippy Farmhouse Paint Look. I wanted to give a full step by step tutorial on how I achieved the chippy paint look. It is honestly so easy! So head on over and check it out!

Farmhouse Sunroom Decor - Chippy white candlesticks, deconstructed furniture and soft spring greenery.

Once my DIY candlesticks were done it was time to find them a spot in my house to show them off. My sunroom was the perfect spot – for now at least! They fit right in with my other vintage finds and deconstructed furniture.

DIY Chippy Pillar Candlesticks -
Farmhouse Sunroom Decor - Chippy white candlesticks, deconstructed furniture and soft spring greenery.
Cloche Decor Idea - Soft spring green plant under a pedestal cloche

The whole sunroom got a little decor refresher that it was in desperate need of. Now that the weather is getting warmer I will be spending more time out here again!

Farmhouse Sunroom Decor - Chippy white candlesticks, deconstructed furniture, warm wood tones and soft spring greenery.
Farmhouse style sunroom - DIY Chippy white candlesticks, deconstructed furniture and soft spring greenery, vintage washer and cow throw pillow.
DIY Chippy white pillar candles.
How to make Distressed Pillar candleholders.
Farmhouse Sunroom Decor - Chippy white candlesticks, and soft spring greenery.

This may be my favorite thrift store upcycle project that I have ever done! I love the different styles of DIY candle holders that I got out of this one thrift store furniture upcycle! You really can’t beat creating these beauties for $5!

Now it is time to head on over and check out the rest of the Thrifty Thursday projects!

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  • Erin

    What a great way to reuse an old bed frame. I absolutely love how these turned out. I might just have to keep my eyes open for a headboard with chunky candle potential now……

  • Elizabeth

    I love your style! These are beautiful and your site is beautiful! I love the bed frame you found and how you made the candlestick holders. Very nice! 💗 Elizabeth

  • Junette

    How gorgeous are these Jaclyn! You did such a great job, and you have a beautiful home! Thank you for joining our Thrifty Thursday Collaboration!

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