DIY Capiz Chandelier – ORC Week 4

Welcome back!

There are just two week left of this One Room Challenge can you believe it! I have been so busy that these weeks have been flying by. I will be cutting it a little close with getting things finished up, but fingers crossed that we get it all completed in time!

I have been working on finding a light fixture for my Under the Sea Mermaid room. The light fixture that was already in the room was one of those “Boob Lights“, you know the ones I am talking about!

I really love the look of the Capiz Chandeliers to go with my room. I think that they add the perfect touch of under the sea element to the room. I really liked these two lights:

Chandelier with Round Capiz Seashells

Capiz Chandelier

I wanted something a little different then these and I wasn’t finding what I wanted, So that meant that I was going to have to make a DIY Capiz Chandelier!

DIY Capiz Chandelier

I started out with an old chandelier light that was in our house already.

I removed the glass pieces and spray painted it in My Favorite Gold spray paint.

Then I got a  10″ Cylinder Drum Lampshade and attached the shade to the top of my pendent light by running the cords through that metal hole in the lamp shade.

I only wanted the bottom portion of my pendent light to show, so we hung the shade very close to the ceiling.

Next I made my DIY Capiz shells. If you want to save some time, You can buy the real things here.

To make your own faux capiz shells you simply lay 3 layers of wax paper on top of each other and then iron them together. You will need something on the top and bottom of your wax paper so that it doesn’t stick to your iron or ironing board. You can use parchment paper or even regular paper laid on top and bottom of the wax paper. Then iron over top of it. Be sure to stay on the paper!

Use a 2 inch Circle Punch to punch out your circles. I found that folding the wax paper in half to get a double layer worked best for punching out the circles.  I sewed a hole in the top and bottom of my faux shells with sewing. For my chandelier I used 4 faux shells per strand. I tied a loop at the top of my strand and attached it to the hanging pendents arms that once held those glass shades.

There you have it! Your own Capiz Chandelier light!


I do have one more project in mind for my Faux Capiz shells so I want to make sure that I have enough for that, but do you think the light needs more faux shells on it or do you like it the way it is? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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