DIY Cookie Cutter Garland

A quick and easy DIY craft to add some Holiday cheer to your Christmas Decor

Today I am sharing with you how I made this  simple and quick Cookie cutter garland for my home this year! I mean we all love cookies don’t we? And Christmas is the cookie baking time of the year so this cookie cutter garland is simply a way to start the cookie baking season. Or maybe to display your favorite cookie cutters, new or vintage.  I love the simplicity and texture that this cookie cutter garland adds to a space. Plus it looks adorable in the kitchen! I think you could make so many variations to this garland as well!

I normally start thinking about my Christmas decor long before normal people would find it acceptable to talk about Christmas. This year I knew that I wanted to stick with the traditional red and whites but also wanted to add some pops of neutral in the forms of wood tones and galvanized goodies. I dreamed up the idea for this cute little garland and just couldn’t wait to see it come to life and share with you on how I made it!


DIY Cookie Cutter Garland Supplies:


DIY Cookie Cutter Garland Instructions:

First you are going to string your beads to the desired length. Mine was about 6 feet long. Make sure to add big knots to the end so the beads do not slip off like mine did a couple of times.




Next tie a string around the top of the Christmas tree cookie cutters. Make sure that the string is about 3 inches long once tied. After I tied the sting onto the cookie cutter I slid one bead down onto the string.



Then open up the loop of string at the top of the cookie cutter and slid it onto the garland.

If you make your loop too small it will be hard to move the cookie cutter along the garland. I had to cut a few of mine and start over because I made them to small.



I think it adds such a fun element to a traditional type of garland! Plus you could change it up any which way you want, snowflakes, hearts, snowmen, etc. The list is endless!




I attached my garland to my mantel using the hooks from my stocking holders, which you can’t really see because of the pine garland. They are there I promise!

You can find my DIY Christmas Sign here.



This would be a great craft to do with your kids! My kids loved helping to string the beads!


DIY Bead garland craft to add some Holiday cheer to your Christmas Decor

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I hope your Holiday season is off to a wonderful start!


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