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I mentioned yesterday in my Something Wicked Halloween home tour post that I was going to share with you today the inspiration behind my broom sign. You may have guessed from the title of this post, but my inspiration behind my broom sign came from Harry Potter.

DIY Harry Potter Sign by

After searching for a phrase that would go with my Something Wicked decor and coming up with nothing that I loved, I decided to change directions and go the Harry Potter route.

My Harry Potter books are still packed away from moving. I have tried to locate them, but Tad has a lot of books. Many of which are still in boxes. I am afraid my Harry Potter books are lost until we build the bookshelves in the library and unpack all of Tad’s books.

I had to turn to good ole Google to help me find the name of the shop where Harry Potter got his broom from.

It was called Quality Quidditch Supplies.

I wasn’t very inspired by that name as it didn’t really focus on brooms at all. I decided to start exploring the different types of brooms from Harry Potter.

Air Wave Gold, Nimbus 2000, Comet 140,  Firebolt, Silver Arrow, Thunderbolt VII

Again nothing was sticking out to me of what I wanted for my sign.

I then started exploring the different Broom Manufacturing Companies.

  • Cleansweep Broom Company
  • Comet Trading Company
  • Ellerby and Spudmore
  • Flyte and Barker
  • Nimbus Racing Broom Company
  • Universal Brooms Ltd

How many of you knew that the world of Harry Potter went so deep?


It was here that I found my inspiration. After reading up a bit about each broom company I decided that Ellerby and Spudmore was going to be a perfect fit for my broom sign. 

DIY Harry Potter Sign by

That is how I came up with my Harry Potter broom sign. If you want to learn how to make this Framed Farmhouse style sign, You can find my DIY Farmhouse sign tutorial here.

DIY Harry Potter Sign by

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