DIY Metallic Christmas Trees

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Metallic Tree’s were big last Christmas and they’re going to be big again this year for Christmas Decorating.

Mercury glass trees can easily break the budget at over $20 for each tree. I am going to show you how you can DIY your own Mercury glass inspired metallic trees so you can add the beauty to your home and helping you to stretch that budget even further.



  • DecoArt Extreme Sheen – Sterling Silver
  • DecoArt Exteme Sheen – Silver
  • DecoArt Exteme Sheen – Tin
  • DecoArt Black Acrylic Paint
  • 6 small Sponges
  • Tree form


I don’t have any pictures of what my trees looked like before I started working on them. Its not because I didn’t take the pictures, because I did. I just forgot to put my camera memory card back into it. (Face palm)  It wasn’t until I went to check on a picture that I realized that the camera memory card was missing and I had already started painting the trees. Lesson learned! Check for the memory card before I start taking pictures! lol



So imagine with me a small green transparent glass Christmas tree and a bright evergreen ceramic Christmas tree. Both of the trees I picked up at the thrift store for around $1 each. Christmas tree figures should be easier to find in thrift stores as we get closer to Christmas.



Since I had two Christmas trees to work on I decided to do them two different ways. One started out with a light metallic silver base and the second one I started out with a black base. I knew that I wanted the trees to have a zinc metallic look but I was not sure which way would give me the best look.





I started out by sponging the base paint colors onto the trees. You will want two sponges for each paint color. One sponge to dab the paint onto the tree and the second sponge to blend the paint.  It gives you the same texture without adding to much paint to your tree.



For metallic tree number one I started with the Extreme Sheen sterling silver paint as the base and then added in a layer of Extreme Sheen Tin paint followed by a layer of black acrylic paint and then finished it off with the Extreme Sheen silver.



For metallic tree number two I started with a black acrylic paint, followed by a layer of Extreme Sheen Tin,  and then a layer of Extreme Sheen Silver and topped it off with a layer of Extreme Sheen Sterling Silver. Working my way from darker to lighter. To add depth you need varying shades of the same color.



You can keep sponging the colors onto the tree until you get the desired look that you want. You really can’t mess them up. If one spot is to dark, sponge on some lighter metallic shades and if a spot needs some shadows work in a darker shade.

That’s it!

Now you have a beautiful Metallic Christmas tree to add to your decor.

How to make Metallic Christmas Trees. Add a little sparkle to your home this holiday season by creating some Zinc Metallic Christmas Trees! #DIYChristmas


















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