DIY Pumpkin Sign

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I am sharing one of my first DIY home projects that I did when we are newly married. Ya know how it can be when you are first married and money is tight. In the small town of Little Falls, Minnesota each September they have this wonderful Craft Fair that literally fills the downtown streets with vendor booths and more people then you can count. It was like the kick off to the fall season there and was a highly anticipated event for us.

Oddly I only have one picture from all the years of going. It is from the year that we made and sold homemade caramel corn and caramel apples to the vendors the night before the event started. We did sell everything, how much money we made I don’t remember, but I am sure Tad does. We had a great time making everything together and then selling it.




Year after year we would go to the craft fair and we bought nothing. Mostly because our budget was too tight for a spending spree and I was bad at saving money. Anyways, One year there was this beautiful white pumpkin sign that was at a booth and I loved it. It had a price tag of somewhere around $100, which was not doable for us at the time.

So I came home empty handed but determined to make my own version of the white pumpkin sign. I headed to Menards a few days later and found a piece of plywood in their discount scrap section grabbed my paint, a sharpie and a pencil and got to work.

DIY Pumpkin Sign



For this DIY pumpkin sign I painted the pumpkins by free hand. I started by painting the entire board the rusty orange color. Then I took my pencil and sketched out the pumpkins and letters.




For the letters I typed them up on my computer and just looked at them as I drew them on with pencil. Once I finished the outline of them all in pencil, I went back over it with a black sharpie to fill it in. I used a fine tip sharpie to do the thin parts of the letters.




Once the lettering was done I went back and dry brushed the dark color around the edges of the picture to give it more of a frame look. Back then the framed farmhouse signs were not a thing. I might end up framing this, but I don’t know yet.




The sign is a little small for the space, but I needed something temporarily above the couch. The blank wall was driving me crazy. Above the couch I plan on creating a gallery wall. The pieces for the gallery wall are all sitting in my decor closet. I just need to get the wall painted first before I can drill all the holes in the the wall for the picture. So all of this here is being held up right now with these Command Strips.  I was honestly expecting to hear my lanterns come crashing down in the middle of the night, but they have been up there for almost a month now, so I think it is save to say the are not coming down. I used 2 large strips on each lantern to be safe.

Leave a comment below and tell me about a time that you made something! Your first DIY, an inspired project like my pumpkins sign, I would love to hear about it!



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