Draining Away Inner Stress


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Today has been one of those days. You know the day, the one where time flies by so quickly and you are struggling to  keep up with each mess your toddler makes. Every time you turn around there is a new mess, a bigger one, a messier one.

The day that projects never get started and daily chores only get half done because they get interrupted over and over. The cup of coffee that just has a few sips missing from it that now sits cold in a place that you can’t remember where you left it. Today has been one of those exhausting days, those overwhelming days and its only 9:30am.

One of those days where you finally get the baby asleep for a nap after 30+ minutes of rocking him to sleep to have the dogs bark two minutes later and wake up the baby. One of those days where there is so much going on that it is difficult to fully focus on one thing because your mind is also thinking about 50 other things.

One of those days where there is just so much poop. So – much – poop. Some of which is not in appropriate places. Today has been one of those days.

As I was scrubbing today’s lunch and a little bit of last nights dinner off of the kitchen chairs, my sweet baby boy walks up to me and gives me a big sloppy wet kiss that turns into making farting noises on my cheek. That simple moment changed my day around. After that these two laid on the kitchen floor and watched the clouds move past the skylight window. Little miss kept exclaiming that we were moving as she saw the clouds pass by.


This allowed me a small break to sit down and go through the mail. I got a small unexpected package. Inside was a book: 30 Promises and Prayers of Hope  and a paper with a bible verse and note.


I thumbed through the book and then started reading the paper. I read it and began to cry. This was exactly the reminder and encouragement that I needed in that moment. To Leave it and all quietly to God.

Draining away Inner Stress

I quietly leave in your hand

each concern that could cause me stress today:

The things You want me to do

and the things You want me to leave unfinished or even unstarted.

The relationships that You want me to have

and the ones You want to withhold or take away.

The joys You will bring my way,

and the trials You will allow or send.

The ways You want me to succeed

and the ways You may let me fail, or seem to fail.

The opportunities You want me to accept

and the ones You want me to pass up.

The doors You want to open

and the ones You want to close.

The ways I would like to glorify You,

and the ways You may use others instead of me.

The times You want me to meet people’s needs actively,

and the times You want me just to listen,

or to stand aside and “merely” pray.

The deadlines You want me to meet

and the ones You may want me to miss.

The results of my labors–

great or small, noticed or hidden.

The ways I will bless or disappoint other people,

and the ways the will bless or disappoint me.

The human approvals that You will give,

and the disapprovals that will prod me to rest

in Your gracious evaluation.

I leave it all quietly to you, my God.

I hope that it encourages and helps you as well. Being a Mom is hard work some days and we all need a little encouragement as a reminder that what we are doing matters. Even if we feel like we are getting nothing done.

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