Eclectic Farmhouse Home Office | ORC Week 2 – A Clean Slate

We are wrapping up the first week of the One Room Challenge. This first week of the challenge was all about cleaning out what was the formal dining room turned room so that I can begin making over the room.

Last week I shared my design plan for my eclectic Farmhouse Home Office makeover as well as one snapshot of how messy the room was. Well here are a few more embarrassing photos of the way the room looked when I started cleaning it out.

This room had become a drop all space and a big ole’ hot mess of a room. It didn’t start out this way but things slowly began being moved into here, to be fixed or redone or just to sit temporarily. It was easy to hide everything by closing the door. Well no more of that I can’t wait to turn this room into something beautiful and functional.

Here is the To Do list for the room:

  • Prime the trim, walls and doors
  • Install custom accent wall design
  • Paint the trim, walls and doors
  • Install and paint the DIY plank flooring
  • Re-paint White round table
  • Install shelves in cubby
  • Buy new hardware for Buffet
  • Install new light
  • Reupholster Office Chair
  • Decorate the room
Here is a look at some of the furniture pieces that I will be working with.

The white round table will be serving as my desk. It needs a quick sanding and to be completely repainted. As you can see my son did his own paint job to it last summer after I made my 4th of July parade bags.

The wood buffet is for sure staying in the room and will be coming back to this little cubby spot. It fits exactly in this space. The question is do I paint it or leave it as is? This may be a last minute call. Once the walls and the floor are done I will be able to move it back into the room to see if I like how it flows with the new look. What are your thoughts?

The large black dresser may be going out and somewhere else. I am undecided on that. I don’t want the room to feel too cluttered. It is currently holding my painting supplies as well as pillow covers, twine and my hot glue gun.

The black metal bookshelf is going and will be replaced with a big tall vintage cabinet for more storage.

Are you ready to see the room completely empty?


You can see that I already primed the french doors that lead into the living room. I did that back when I painted my living room and installed my DIY plank flooring. So that is one less step for this next weeks task list.
The blue tape has been serving as my door lock to keep the kids out while I work. It has worked surprisingly well.

I also removed a few left over strips of carpet that didn’t get tore out when the rest of the carpet was taken out due to heavy furniture in the way. I also prepped the room for painting by removing all the outlet and switch covers as well as the register vent covers. Then I washed down the door frames, window ledges and the trim.

I picked up the primer and paint so I can start painting the walls this week. Nothing transforms a room faster and cheaper then paint!

Once the walls are painted I will install the floors. I plan on carrying my living room DIY plank flooring into this room since the french doors open up into the living room. The sliding pocket door on the other side leads to the kitchen. I won’t be spending much time talking about how to install the floors since I already wrote a post about it. So if you are interested in installing some plank flooring into your home, head on over and read my post to read my tips and tricks! My DIY plank living room flooring has its own unique style that you won’t find in other tutorials.

Now that the room is clutter free it feels much bigger!

I can already envision me sitting here at my table sipping my coffee and working on a blog post!

The media sponsor for this incredibly fun and inspiring event is Better Homes and Gardens.

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  • CoCo

    All your hard work is paying off already, Jacyln, this is such a pretty space! I love all the ideas you have already and I know the floors and fresh coat of paint are going to make a big difference too. I can’t wait to follow along on this fabulous space. Big hugs as we enter Week 3, CoCo

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