Fall Mantel Decor

Fall has officially started in Michigan. It kick started with a perfect bright sunny cool day and then followed up with a week of gloomy rainy cold days. I love the cooler sweatshirt weather, the rain not so much. Now that it is officially fall I can share with you my fall mantel decor, because sharing it when it was 80 degrees outside just didn’t seem right.

While my fireplace is still sporting its 90’s oak mantel and big bulky glass and gold edged trim doors, much to my dislike, it is still fun to decorate. So until I can get to work on it, we are just going to look past those things and focus on the pretty brick and decorations.

Also don’t mind the missing gold trim on the fireplace doors, Ryder thought that he would be a helper and pull a section off for me. Thanks Buddy.

Fall Mantel Decorations by One Thousand Oaks

I really love decorating with brass for fall. It just feels so warm to me and brings in the fall tones into the room.

The more vintage brass the better.

The large brass tray hanging on the wall I found at a thrift store years ago. It was kind of wedged in between two shelves so I had to do some digging to get it. I loved it the moment I laid eyes on it.


Fall Mantel Decorations by One Thousand Oaks


This little brass pot I found recently at a thrift store near me. Again as soon as I saw it, I was in love. How adorable are the little handles on the sides.


Fall Mantel Decorations by One Thousand Oaks


The huge pine cones were from a trip out to California (Pre-kids). Tad had a work trip out to Sacramento and I tagged along to enjoy the sunshine and shopping!  The little brass cups that they are sitting on are a local thrift find. The grey lantern at the end is from T.J.Maxx. The candlesticks were a DIY project, you can find the tutorial here!


Fall Mantel Decorations by One Thousand Oaks


My ‘blessed’ sign is from a shop on Etsy: My Trusted Treasures. It is one of my favorite sign shops and Melissa is so nice and accommodating! Her quality of work is amazing and I love supporting handmade shops! You should definitely check out her shop, so many cute signs!


Fall Mantel Decorations by One Thousand Oaks


I have had this twig pumpkin for a long time. It may have been one of my first fall decor items I bought when we bought our first house. I love propping pumpkins up on little pedestals. It just adds another fun element to the decor.


Fall Mantel Decorations by One Thousand Oaks


The window arch I got this summer at a vintage market. You can get the throw pillow HERE .

Check out my Ultimate guide of farmhouse pillows!

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Fall Mantel Decorations by One Thousand Oaks


Have you decorated for fall yet?

I would love to see it, leave me a comment below with a link to your pictures so I can check it out!


Fall Mantel Decorations by One Thousand Oaks

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  • Christine

    Beautiful! l love the colors you chose for all the decor on the mantel, Did you add the wood mantel to the brick fireplace or was that already there? If you did add it, do you have a post about how you did it? I’d love to add a wood mantel to the brick on my fireplace.

    • Jaclynerickson@yahoo.com

      Hi Christine,
      Our fireplace already had the mantel on it when we moved in. I would think that you would be able to add a floating mantel. You would have to drill holes either in the wall where the brick ends or right into the brick for a floating mantel bracket, then you would slide the wood mantel piece onto the bracket. I hope this helps a little bit!


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