Farmhouse Style Valentine’s Day Decorations

Today I have rounded up some Farmhouse Style Valentines Day decor inspired by my Sweet and Simple Valentines Decor that I used in my house this year.

I wanted my decor to be mostly neutral with just the slightest pop of red. Which seams to be the opposite of what most Valentines decor in the stores is like. It is often very bright and in your face. So if you are like me and just want some simple Valentines Day decor then this is just for you!



Farmhouse Valentines Decor

1. Striped Pillow    2. XOXO Reclaimed Wood Sign  3. White Vase   4. Barnwood Arrow

1.Heart Plate  2.  Silent Night Trays   3.Flower Wreath   4. Heart of Love

1.Love You More Sign  2.  Boxwood  3. Ceramic White Bottles  4. Love Lumbar pillow

1.Eucalyptus Branches 2. Heart Burlap Banner  3. Light Pink roses   4. Rae Dunn “LOVE” Mug



Farmhouse Valentine's Day Decor

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

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