First on the List

Sometimes when you have an entire house that needs to be remodeled it is hard to figure out where to start. Since we have family that comes and stays on occasion I decided to start our remodel in what we call the Kids/ Guest bathroom.

Things I love about this bathroom:

  1. It has a TUB! Our old house didn’t have a tub, just a stand up shower which is no fun for a 3 year old.
  2. It has so much room! Again at our last house the bathroom was so tiny there was hardly any room to move. Let alone try and bathe a wild toddler!
  3. Storage! This bathroom has a large counter top plus a HUGE linen closet! Our old house  (Are you seeing a reoccurring theme here?)  had very little storage to keep the basics like towels tooth brushes and bath toys, let alone all the other things such as medicines, beauty products and hair essentials.


Here it is in all of its 90’s Oak glory!



So much potential,  I can’t wait to get started!




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