How to create a Farmhouse Style Vignette with Thrift Store Finds

Thrift store finds are a great way to add some budget friendly decor to your home! I am going to show you how I made this farmhouse style vignette using thrift store finds.

Before I do that I came up with a little story of how this vignette came to be. This farmhouse style vignette idea was all inspired by a pretty plant picture that a friend of mine share on Instagram and was crafted after the ” If you give a mouse a cookie” book.

If you show a girl a pretty plant picture

If you show a girl a pretty plant picture and tell her how easy it is to take care of said plant…… She may just get the courage to look past her previous house plant record of killing every single plant that has entered her home and go buy a pretty house plant.

Once she buys the houseplant she will need a pot to put it in.

Once she has a pot for her so called easy house plant she is going to need a place to display her new house plant.

She will remember the free curb side cabinet that her in laws found and helped haul to her house for her. She will drag it into the living room from the garage and give it a good cleaning.

Once she is done cleaning she will look around and feel like there are too many wooden cabinets and tables in the living room and decide that she needs to paint one.

She will be tempted to paint the vintage wooden hutch, but thought better of it and decided to paint the curbside find table.

She will then paint the table in the chippy farmhouse style and drink several cups of coffee while she waits for it to dry.

Then she will add her new house plant and some other decor to keep it company and hope and pray that she is able to keep this little house plant alive this time.

That is the story of how I came to own this house plant. Now let’s talk about how I put together this farmhouse style vignette using thrift store finds.

Like I said above, the little table was a free curb side find. My Mother in Law was the one that found this beauty. She has a great eye for finding things that I love at garage sales and is the one who got me into going garage saleing. My father in law was kind enough to haul this beastly beauty to my house. I call it a beastly beauty because this little thing was extremely heavy! It was in fact an old vintage ironing machine. The entire top box would tilt back to reveal these very large rollers that would iron your clothes or fabric. The iron inside was very heavy so once I got this thing home I worked on unbolting and removing the iron from inside of the cabinet. Then it sat in my garage waiting until I found its forever home.

The table was originally wood but I had so many other wood toned items in the living room that I decided to paint this table with a vintage Farmhouse paint look. It is so easy to achieve the chippy paint look! If you want to learn how to get the chippy farmhouse paint look you can check out my painting tutorial here.

Once my table was done being painted then it was time to decorate it! I used a lot of my top thrift store finds, such as old books, candlesticks, wooden bowls and cute art.

I started off with my new Pothos plant. I put it in one of my thrifted aged terracotta pots. I found a collection of these aged terracotta pots at my local habitat for humanity for a fraction of the cost, plus they all came with the aged look and texture on them! Habitat for Humanity is a great place to find thrifted home decor items!

I found this wooden pedestal bowl from a thrift store for a few dollars. I have certain areas that I look at when I head into a thrift store and the wooden decor section is always one of them. This pedestal bowl made the perfect plant stand to add some height to my farmhouse style vignette.

After that I added some old books with a small collection of vintage brass candlesticks to the other side of the table to add some balance.

When I am thrifting I always check out the book section. I can usually find some good hard cover books for around .25 cents each. I always look at the page colors of the books to see if they have that old vintage feel to them. Sometimes a newer book will have those creamy off white colored pages along with the old vintage books. I turn the books over to hide any writing on the top of them. I also display books backwards to show off the aged looking pages.

Books make a great addition to a farmhouse style vignette, they can be the center focus or they can be used to add height, texture or even a pop of color.

I wish I had some tall skinny vintage looking art or sign that I could have hung up on my wall but everything I have in my decorating stash is all landscape style. – Looks like I need to go thrifting again!

I did find this vintage mirror that didn’t have a permanent home just yet and decided that it would work perfectly for my growing farmhouse vignette. The vintage mirror is another one of my Mother in Laws thrifted finds for me. It has that beautiful aged mirror texture covering the whole thing. It was a bit hard to get a good picture of it. You can get a closer look at the aged texture of the mirror in my Spring entrance way from a few years ago.

I layered this cute white barn print with the mirror. I did a little happy dance when I found this cute little print! Finding pretty art to upcycle is really hard to find where I live. I normally browse the picture and wall art section in a thrift store looking for picture frames that I can upcycle. So I was thrilled to come across something that had artwork in it that I could easily add to my decor.

This Farmhouse style vignette needed one more thing to balance it out and complete the look. I had this small crock of candles in my home office and I decided to pull it over to this table as the last layer needed to finish off the look. One reason that I chose to use this little crock with candles in it was because it tied in with the vintage style that this vignette had going throughout the whole look. Keeping the same style of decor throughout keeps the vignette looking cohesive and pulls the look together.

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I hope you enjoyed seeing how to use different thrift decor items to create a farmhouse style vignette. Do you have some go to thrift store items that you always look for like me?

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  • Jayne

    I love the story of the houseplant and of the chippy thrift store find! I use chalk paint for my furniture makeovers and although I usually paint in the ‘Shabby Chic’ style, I’ve never done anything this chippy before – I think I may have to start! The vignette is beautifully put together too! I’ve pinned this for later and now I’m heading off to check out your painting tutorial!

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