How to Create a Wooden Spoon Display in the Kitchen

DIY Kitchen Wall Art - Vintage Wooden Spoon Display |

School is finished for the year which means it is officially summer time around here! I have been working on transitioning my decor from Spring to Summer. I changed up the decor in my dining room hutch and ended up not using my jar of vintage wooden spoons in my summer decor. I was getting tired of the look of the wooden spoons just sitting in a glass jar. They have been that way since I collected enough to display. I did dress up the jar a little bit with a mini ‘E’ sign from Hobby Lobby, but besides that my wooden spoon display hadn’t changed much besides being shuffled from spot to spot. Well here I was changing up my decor again and my jar of vintage spoons now had no place to be. That’s when I decided that I needed to do something else with them.

My first thought was to create a gallery wall with my little thrifted wooden spoon collection, but my kitchen area doesn’t really have any empty walls. That’s when I had the idea to hang them on the wall in what little space that I had around my chalkboard over on my side table.

When it comes to decorating my kitchen and dining room I tend to mostly use things that would be found there, such as stacks of plates, groups of bowls, pretty ironstone white pitchers and cake plates, you get the idea. Of course I mix in a few other things, but those are my first go to’s when decorating my dining room and kitchen. So it only seemed fitting to create some DIY kitchen and dining room wall art using some thrifted wooden spoons.

How to create a wooden spoon display in the kitchen |

DIY Wooden Spoon Display Art for the Kitchen

  • Vintage Wooden Spoons
  • Tape – I used blue painters tape
  • Command Strips

I found all but two of my wooden spoons from thrift stores. Two of my wooden spoons I bought from an Instagram friend that I was able to meet up with in real life at an antique fair. You might have some wooden spoons that are special to you that you might want to display. I know that my Aunt has a wooden spoon from my great grandma that she cherishes because she has memories of her using the spoon to cook with when she was younger.

I know that I have said this probably 100x’s and I will probably say it 100 more times, but I love using command strips to hang things up in my house! They can honestly hang just about everything up.

These velcro like picture hanging command strips are my favorite. They are perfect for hanging things that don’t have hooks such as my wooden spoons.

When I first got the idea to create my vintage wooden spoon display I didn’t have enough command strips for all of my spoons and so I decided to try out my idea using tape first. That way I didn’t waste any command strips either. I used painters tape in my trial run so that I wouldn’t damage the walls when I took it down. The painters tape also helped me as I came up with a design. I was able to move and adjust the wooden spoons on the wall until I had a design layout that I liked.

Once I had the layout set I pulled the spoons off of the painters tape but made sure to leave the tape on the wall as a marker for where each spoon needed to go. Since each spoon was so different and unique it wasn’t hard to remember where each one went, but if you think you might have trouble remembering, snap a picture of your layout before you take it down so you can use the photo for reference when you hang them back up. I do this all the time!

After all of the spoons were off of the wall I firmly placed a command strip on the back of each wooden spoon. Then I pulled the tape off of the wall and pushed the spoon to the wall in its place. I didn’t have to hold the spoons for very long because they are so light weight, but if you are hanging something heavier I suggest following the instructions and pushing the command strips on for the length of time suggested to avoid damaging your wall or the item that you are hanging up.

There you have it, your DIY wooden spoon display!

This is such a simple and easy way to decorate your dining room or kitchen! The best part is there is no damage to your walls or your wooden spoons and they can easily come down when I want them to! Until then I will be admiring their beauty as they hang on my wall!

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