How to Decorate a Hutch for Fall

Fall is here! The leaves are changing and now its time to switch up your home decor and add in some fall touches. Changing up your decor for the season is a lot of fun but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially after you open up all of your decor bins and have everything pulled out and spread across the floor and table. I like to pick one space to start decorating, this year I started in the sunroom and moved into the dining room.

I just finished decorating my dining room hutch for fall. Decorating hutch shelves can pose a challenge sometimes as you have things that need to be on the shelves, such at dishes and things that you want to add as decorations and limited space.

I am going to show you the steps that I took in decorating my hutch for fall to provide with some decorating tips and some inspiration as you decorate for fall.

Easy Steps for styling a Fall Hutch with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at
Fall Hutch decorating with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at

How to Decorate a Hutch for Fall

Sometimes it is easiest to start with a clean slate and sometimes its easier to start with a focal piece. For this fall hutch I started with the clean slate. I unloaded everything, wiped down the shelves because they needed a little cleaning and then I was ready to start decorating.

The first step is to keep your base pieces. A hutch is for holding your dishes and entertaining essentials. I have a few stacks of white plates that I use for special occasions, some cute white tea cups that I bought just to display in my hutch, a small cake plate and my serving platters. My hutch is not very big or deep, so most of my items inside of the hutch have to be on the smaller side. I put my bigger items on the top of the hutch, like my large cake plate, large serving platter, my collection of ironstone soup tureens and my wooden spoons and rolling pins.

Vintage Fall Decor at
Fall Hutch decorating with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at

The next step is to utilize what you already have. The best way to create a fall hutch is to incorporate your base pieces. A stack of plates becomes the perfect spot to place some pumpkins. A tea cup is great for holding small things like pine cones or in my hutch small vintage wooden pegs. When you combine your fall decor items with your base items it connects the two looks together.

Decorating Shelves for Fall. - Fall Hutch decorating with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at

When I decorate I start by adding my largest items in first. I started with my Harvest Market sign and then added my fox to the other shelf at the other end to help balance it out. Decorating works just like a scale, If there is some on one side there needs to be some on the other. It can be the same exact thing or it can be something different, like I did here. You can see the decorating pattern below:

  • Shelf 1 : Base Pieces on the left, large Fall decor (Sign) on the right.
  • Shelf 2 : Large Fall Decor (Fox) on the left, Base Pieces on the right.
  • Shelf 3: Base pieces on the left, large fall decor (Cloche) on the right.
Tips for decorating a Hutch for Fall -

Once I had my large items in place then I go back through and add in my smaller items to fill in the empty spaces. Pumpkins and pine cones are great small fall decor items to use to fill up a space. I also like to use real dried leaves, corn stalks, faux berry stems, wood slices and old book pages as fall decor accents.

Fall Hutch decorating with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at
A cute little fox decor for styling a hutch shelf for fall.
Vintage Fall Decor
How to Style a Fall Hutch - Fall Hutch decorating with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at

Layers are a good way to add interest and depth to a space. The more layers the better! When you add layers, it typically adds different textures to the space which is always good.

Sometimes it takes me walking away from a space for a time and coming back to determine what it is that I need to add to polish off the look.

This area where the fox is needed something else, It was looking a little empty. I let it sit for a little while and came back and got the idea to add the mini tobacco basket behind everything and it helped complete the look.

I also added the flowers behind the cloche. I originally had some chippy spindles behind the cloche but they got pulled to my fall porch.

Fall Cloche - Fall Hutch decorating with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at
Hutch decor with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at

For the side of my hutch I kept everything symmetrical. I like it better when it matches, but maybe I will switch it up next season.

My vintage scales are a perfect fit for these little side cubbies.

Fall Hutch decorating with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at
A Hutch styled for fall - Ideas for decorating a hutch for fall.

These white pumpkins fit perfectly in these little wire baskets. I can’t wait for real pumpkins to show up!

Hutch decorating with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at

I finished off my Fall Hutch Decor with my DIY fall garland. I made the oak leaf garland out of things that I had around my home, you can find the tutorial to make it here.

Rustic Neutral Fall Decor - A Hutch styled for fall using vintage decor ,rustic fall elements and DIY Fall decor.

I hope that walking through these steps will make decorating your hutch for fall easy. I am hoping that the fall weather will stick around for awhile so I can enjoy my fall decorations for awhile.

Styling a Hutch for Fall - How to Decorate a Hutch for Fall with Rustic Neutral Fall Decor at
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