How to get the Chippy Farmhouse Paint Look

DIY Chippy Paint Look - How to easily get the chippy paint look that is so popular in Farmhouse style homes. This Simple tutorial will show you how to achieve this beautiful vintage farmhouse paint look. -

I love the chippy farmhouse decor look. There is just something so beautiful in those worn down, worn out antique pieces. They can be hard to come by and often cost a pretty penny if you want to take it home with you. For good reason as they are one of a kind and can’t really be reproduced as they take years to get that beautiful chippy look. Some things do look better with age.

I have found a way to re-create that chippy white farmhouse look that you can DIY right at home!

Will your item be a true chippy antique? well no, but you will be able to bring the distressed chippy paint style decor to your home just like I did. Here are some of the things that I have added the chippy white paint to in my home.

The first thing that I painted was this vintage hutch. Adding the DIY chippy paint technique really brought this beauty to life and it is one of my favorite things to add my decor to each season. It also provides functional pretty storage!

How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at
How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at
How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at

The next thing that I painted was this shutter turned wall art in my entrance way. The original color of the shutter was much lighter and it doesn’t highlight the chippy paint as well.

Then I bough this cute little dresser from the thrift store and added that pretty chippy white finish to it. I love shopping thrift stores for good up-cycle furniture projects. They always seem to have the best quality of stuff for the best prices. Of course it takes a few trips to find what your looking for, but it pays off in the end. I was able to get this little vintage all wood dresser for $20.

How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at

This vintage inspired architectural piece was another thrift store find that was made over with chippy paint to give it a farmhouse decor look.

So as you can see this chippy white paint can be applied to several different items to give you the chippy farmhouse look all throughout your home.

Now how to get the chippy farmhouse paint look in your home.

Well you need one simple thing.

Milk Paint!

By using milk paint on your home decor items you will get the chippy farmhouse look. now before you run off to the craft store and buy up the milk paint to turn your home into a cozy white chippy cottage, just know that not all milk paint is created equal.

I first tried the milk paint that is available in the local craft stores. It went on like regular paint and did not give me that DIY chippy farmhouse paint look that I wanted. I am not going to name that company because there was nothing wrong with their paint really, it just didn’t give me the desired look that I was going for.

But I am happy to tell you that I did find a milk paint that I absolutely love and I guarantee that it will give you the DIY chippy paint look. I think the key is to use a milk paint that comes in powder form and mix the paint yourself.

I noticed that the texture of the premixed milk paint that you find in the craft store and the milk paint that comes in powder form were very different. The powder milk paint had a thicker slightly grainy texture.

I have only tried this chippy paint look on wood items as milk paint works best on porous surfaces. Now that you know what type of paint to use let me tell you how to get the chippy paint look!

How to get the chippy paint look

How to get the Chippy Paint - Follow this simple tutorial on how to get the chippy white farmhouse look.

Once you have the item that you want to have the chippy farmhouse texture. Mix the milk paint according to the package instructions. I start with a small amount of milk paint powder, 3 Tablespoons to mix. If I need more then I mix more as I need it.

Apply the first coat of paint. I used a chip brush to apply the paint to my decor items. Apply evenly. This paint can be a little drippy because it is mixed with water.

How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at

Once it is dry, apply a second coat. – This is where you will see the magic happen!

How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at
How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at

As the paint dries it will begin to crack and flake. Some areas may chip off way to much or a little bit or not at all. The solution is to add more paint to that area. If the paint chips off to much in one spot you can repaint that area again. Paint not chipping enough then paint that area again.

Once the paint is dry use a plastic scraper to help the paint come off. – This is a messy step so if you can do it outside that would probably be best! I like to start with the plastic scraper first to get all of the areas that are highly chipping. After that I go over areas that I want more chippyness with a metal scraper and scrape a little more. Some areas may need a little muscle.

How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at
How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at
Scraped with a plastic scraper
How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Full Tutorial at
Scraped a second time with a metal scraper

The paint will continue to flake off unless you put a top coat on it. I really love this milk paint top coat. It is what I have used on all of my projects. One coat is all that you need!

Old Barn Milk Paint is the brand of milk paint that I used for all of my projects so far. I used the color sweet cream, which I am not seeing on the Old Barn Milk paint website anymore. They do have Architectural white and stoneware which are both pretty white colors. They also have an array of other milk paint colors if you want to add a pop of colored chippy paint to your home. They have different shades of green, blue, red, gray and black. There are so many pretty colors.

There are other brands of milk paint that come in powder form. A popular on that you may have heard of is Miss Mustard Seed. Another one that I found that is a bit more budget friendly called Old Fashioned Milk Paint.

I have not personally tried those two brands but they both come in the powder mix at home form. I plan on trying both of those brands out once my current stash runs out.

Now that you know how to get that chippy farmhouse paint look the question now is what are you going to paint first?!

How To Get The Chippy Paint Look - Do you love the chippy white farmhouse look? Then you are going to love this simple tutorial showing how you can recreate chippy vintage farmhouse decor for your home at a fraction of the cost!
 - Find The Full Tutorial at

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  • Julie

    You have created so many lovely chippy pieces in your home. Thanks for the tutorial, and the suggestions for the paint! I saw your feature at Make It Pretty… congrats! We’d love you to link-up at Tuesday Turn About this (and every) week! 😉 Hope to see you there!

  • Cynthia

    Hi your dresser turned out so pretty. I love the chippy look, too. I used to paint so much furniture, but not so much in recent years. I have used both the Old Fashioned Milk paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s. The latter is made by Homestead House, here in Canada , which sells other colours, too. The Old Fashioned Milk Paint works great and I would definitely recommend it.

    • Jaclyn Erickson

      Thanks for letting me know!! I just ran out of my last bit of the white milk paint and will be needing to buy some more soon!!

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