How to make a Farmhouse Sign

How to make a farmhouse sign by

Hey everyone!

I have a project that I am so excited to share with you today!

I am going to show you how you can make your own framed farmhouse sign!
Bonus: I will be sharing my favorite marker to use as well! – Yes marker!

Farmhouse signs are all the rage right now, and for good reason!

The possibilities are endless with these signs!


How to make a farmhouse sign by
Source: Bentley Blonde

They are so multi functional.


Source: McNellyfarmhouselove


You can create it for any occasion or season or personalize it however you want!


Source: The Downtown Aly

Here are the supplies that you will need to make your Farmhouse sign:

    •  5.0mm board ( I used scrap pieces left over from my Shiplap door)
    • 1 x 2 inch board, enough to go all the way around your sign
    • Stain ( I used my favorite Minwax stain in Dark Walnut)
    • White paint
    • Printer and paper
    • Pencil
    • Black Marker (Keep reading to find out which marker I use and love!)
    • Hammer and 1.5 inch nails or a Brad Nailer (if you have one, if not thats ok!)
    • Sander or sandpaper
    • Saw

The first thing  you are going to need to do is decide what you want to put on your sign.

Will you do a quote? An anniversary date? or a seasonal phrase?

Once you have your words picked, choose a font and size for your letters. You can then determine the size of sign that you will need. I wanted my sign to be long and narrow to run along my coat hooks in my entrance way. This will also determine how much 1×2 trim board you will need for around your farmhouse sign.



Using your white paint, paint your 5.0mm board.




While your paint is drying, print out your phrase. Flip your printed phrase over so you are seeing the backside of the paper. Take your pencil and scribble over the words. To save your hand, I suggest only scribbling over the outline of the letters. You are going to want to make sure that you have your outline of your letters fully covered.




Take your phrase and lay it on top of your board to figure out the spacing and layout. I like to cut the paper down close to the size of the letters so that I can see the layout of the sign. Using tape to hold your paper in place while you figure out spacing is also helpful. This way you don’t accidentally bump a section and knock it out of its spot.




Once you have figured out the spacing for your words and have taped them down into place, take your pencil or a pen and trace over the outline of each letter. You do not have to push down very hard.




After you have every word traced onto the sign remove the paper and tape. Take your black marker and go back and fill in your letters. If you are using a black sharpie that is fine, I used a sharpie on my DIY Pumpkin Sign and it turned out. However, I have found a new marker that I absolutely love. I will be using it on all of my Farmhouse signs from now on!


My Favorite Sign Making Marker is the Sakura

Permapaque Fine Point Marker

How to make a farmhouse sign by


The reason I love this marker so much is because it glides so smoothly, unlike a sharpie. It also doesn’t leave lines in the areas that you have colored, like a sharpie does.  Also if your toddler gets a hold of it while your not looking and colors on the wood floor and the kitchen cabinets, it washes out with a little bit of soap and water.

Sorry, no pictures of those steps!

I was in to much of a rush to get the marker away from the kid and making sure that it wasn’t going to be a permanent piece of artwork in our house. Thank goodness I wasn’t using a sharpie, I am not sure that would have come off so easily.

How to make a farmhouse sign by

Measure the length of your sign, this will be the measurement of the top and bottom pieces for the frame. Take the 1×2 board and cut 2 pieces the same length of your sign. These will be the top and bottom pieces of your frame. The 1 inch side of the board is the front of the board. This will be the part that you see when you look at your sign. Lay the top and bottom frame pieces on the top and bottom of your sign. Measure the space from the very top of the frame piece to the very bottom of the frame piece. This will be the measurement you use to cut your side frame pieces. Cut two side frame pieces.


How to make a farmhouse sign by

I use my Ryobi sander to sand down the ends of my frame pieces and any rough edges of the sign. If you want to give your sign an aged look, run the sander over it once quickly.


How to make a farmhouse sign by


Take your frame pieces and stain them with your wood stain.

My favorite stain to use is the Minwax stain in Dark Walnut, it is what I used on this farmhouse sign.


How to make a farmhouse sign by


Take your hammer and nails or  Brad Nailer and nail one side frame piece to the top and bottom frame pieces. Slide your sign inside of the frame, It should fit snugly. Take your last side frame piece and nail it on the open end of the sign.


How to make a farmhouse sign by

That’s it now you have a cute framed farmhouse sign!




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