How to make a Faux Floral Arrangement for a Table Centerpiece

Spring is officially here and that means that flowers will be blooming once again! I love adding flowers to my decor and more often then not I use faux flowers to decorate with. There are so many positives about artificial flowers. My favorite things about them is that they can be used year after year and you never have to worry about them dying. Don’t get me wrong I love fresh flowers to, but faux flowers are just easier!

I am going to show you step by step how to make a faux floral arrangement for your table centerpiece.

There are a few Floral Arrangement tools that are needed when creating a Faux Floral Centerpiece.

How to make a Faux Flower Arrangement – Step 1. Find the Perfect Container

I found this short ceramic container off of Amazon and I love it! I love its short squatty oval shape, its perfect for a table centerpiece flower arrangement. When I bought it I had no idea that it was going to have the iron stone like cracks in it. I love it that it does because it make it look more like a vintage piece. I suggest using a short container for a table centerpiece because you want to be able to see the other people sitting at the table.

How to make a Faux Flower Arrangement – Step 2: Add Floral Foam

Floral foam is going to be your best friend when it comes to container flower arranging.

Floral foam is the key to a beautiful full looking arrangement.

The Foam keeps those stems in place so that you can create a stunning and full flower arrangement. You will want to trim your foam down to fit into your container. Trimming floral foam is kind of a messy job! So keep that in mind when trimming it down, you and your space are going to get a little messy.

If the foam that you have is smaller then the container and is not staying in place you can place some floral glue dots to the bottom of the foam to keep it in place. You can also use floral tape across the top of the container in a to keep the floral foam in place. Be sure to make the floral tape tight and make sure that it doesn’t go far down the outside of the container that you are using.

If you are using a clear vase or container you can add moss or rocks around the outside of it to hide the foam.

How to make a Faux Flower Arrangement – Step 3: The Flowers

There are a couple of different styles that you can follow when it comes to flower selection. You can do a monochromatic color theme where all of the flowers are the same color or you can do a multicolored theme and have a range of different colors.

The key here is to have a variety of types of flowers.

Having a variety of flowers will give your DIY faux floral arrangement interest and dimension and help you achieve that professional florist look.

For my Floral arrangement I went with a monochromatic theme in Coral. I am really loving coral for spring this year! I put together a whole collection of Coral home decor for you to check out if you are crushing on coral like I am!

Finding coral florals was a little tough. A lot spring flowers are more peachy or pink. I found my coral flower stems at Ikea and the Amaranth looking flowers I bought at Joann Fabrics.

How to make a Faux Flower Arrangement – Step 4: Arranging the Flowers

The first thing that you will want to add to your vase is the greenery that you plan on using in your floral arrangement. However for my arrangement I did not purchase any additional greenery and planned on using these hanging stems as my accent to my flowers.

You may need to trim some of your stems down with wire cutters. You will need to push each stem into the foam about an inch or two so take that into consideration when cutting your stems to the height that you want them to be.

After placing my first round of filler I placed a few of my large flower stems around the container. This helps to shape the look of the arrangement. Once all of the large flowers are in place start adding in your medium sized flowers and then your small flowers.

Since this is a centerpiece you are going to want to check all the sides of the arrangement for any open spaces. Continue adding floral stems until you are happy with the fullness of your arrangement.

There you have it! A complete DIY Faux Floral Arrangement for a Table Centerpiece!

Where will you be using your new floral arrangement?

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