How to make a Halloween Sign + Free Halloween Printable

Halloween is just right around the corner and I couldn’t let it pass without doing a little bit of decorating and a Halloween craft project!

I do not have a whole lot of Halloween decor. When we moved to our house it was much bigger then any house we lived in before. So each year I add to my Halloween decor stash bit by bit. Either by hitting those after Halloween sales or by making my own Halloween decorations. This year I made this Halloween sign and I absolutely love it! I am going to show you how to make this Halloween sign so you can make one to if you love it. I also have a FREE printable that goes along with my Halloween Sign just for you as well!

How to make a Halloween Sign

I love the look of oversized Farmhouse style signs, so when I was planning my Halloween sign I Knew that I wanted it to be on the bigger side. For the base of my sign I used a thrifted cabinet door that I found at Habitat for Humanity. This isn’t my first Cabinet door sign that I have made, Last year I made this Reindeer sign for Christmas. Using a Cabinet door is a great way to upcycle and it works perfectly if you don’t have the time or tools to make the wooden sign. I have a list of tools and gadgets that every Do It Yourselfer needs – Check it out! You might even get some Christmas gift ideas for you or the crafty person in your life.

The cabinet door that I found was the perfect size but oh so orangy red. I first took it to the garage to sand down the ‘frame’ of the sign.

I sanded it down but I didn’t have a tough grit sandpaper and I was to impatient to head to pack up all three kids and head to the store. It probably would have been faster to have done that looking back now, but oh well. At least I got a good arm workout from all the sanding!

After I was done sanding I tried staining the frame with some dark walnut stain. It changed the color slightly but it seemed to just bring out the red tones again and was far from the dark brown colored frame that I wanted. I decided to move on to painting the center of the sign to see if that would help change the color of the frame. I used DecoArt Chalky finish in Timeless for the background color of my Halloween sign.

I wanted an aged vintage feel and that is exactly what I got. For some reason when the paint dried it left a bunch of small cracks all over. I have used DecoArt paints a lot and this is not normal for their paints to do. I am thinking that I may have not of wiped off the cleaning product all the way before I started painting or that the paint dried to quickly since it was near a heat vent in my house. Whatever the case it ended up being a happy accident!

The frame still had red tones to it even after I painted the background of the sign. I decided to try and darken the frame by dry brushing some black paint onto the frame. I figured if it didn’t turn out then I would just paint the frame black and call it good. I put a few drops of black paint along the frame and blended it in with a paper towel. It ended up turning the frame into the dark brown color that I wanted!

After that dried I got to printing the words for the sign. I wanted something a little different and unique and I think I found just that!

I do not have a Cricut but after this project I am definitely going to add it to my Christmas list! My hand was so tired after making this sign! I had to do the old school method of using pencils to trace the letters onto the sign. If you don’t know this method you essentially scribble with a pencil along the backside of printed letters.

Then you position the words onto your sign and trace over the top of the letters, as your doing that the pencil marks on the back of the paper will leave an outline of each letter. It works really well it just can make your hands tired if you are making a large sign.

Just a friendly tip, if you are using the old school method like I did, be sure to check your letters before fully removing the printout. I missed a few lines on some letters and had to go back and retrace those spots. Had I of pulled the paper off with out checking first I would have had to realign the word which can be trick to do.

There is nothing worse then making a sign then to have your letters or words be uneven or spaced awkwardly. Because once it is done it becomes glaringly obvious if something is crooked! And you don’t want all of that hard work to go to waste. My trick for that is to use a quilting ruler to make sure all of my words were straight. It is easy to see if things are lined up correctly because it is clear and it has multiple measurement markings on it making it easy to keep all the things lined up so you can make your Halloween sign with ease!

Once the letters are traced it is time to fill them in. I do not have the steadiest hands when it comes to small detail painting. Maybe I have just used the wrong paintbrushes but I always end up with an -oops- mark when I try to use paint and paint brushes for filling in letters. I started filling in my sign letters with a black fine point Sharpie. It works perfectly for me and I don’t see much of a difference in the finished look of the sign. The only difference is that I am way less stressed out using a Sharpie. My advice – do whatever is easiest for you!

There you have it, a simple easy to make Halloween sign!

I also made a free printable to go along with my sign! I created a few different versions. Feel free to pick the one that best suits your style!

Click HERE to head to my printable gallery to claim the Halloween Printable!

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