Late Spring in the Sunroom

I know for many of my Internet friends that the seasons are already starting to get warmer, but here in Minnesota, we are a little bit behind. We are just now starting to get our Spring weather. For the majority of the United States it is April showers bring May flowers, well for Minnesota it is May Showers bring June Flowers because April is full of snow.

This year for Spring in the sunroom I was inspired to create my own flower stand. One of my Grandpa’s had a flower stand every year when I was young and I always loved to go visit him there. I loved to see the mounds of flowers in all the different colors and smell all the wonderful fragrances from each type of flower. So I gathered every spring flower that I could find in my house and brought them to my sunroom.

Of course no flower stand is complete without a flower sign, so I created this one out of an old twin headboard! I printed and traced the words onto the board and then painted them in. After that I gave it a good distressing with the sander.

I love navy at all times, so I added some pops of navy to the sunroom on my deconstructed couch with a large outdoor navy pillow from Target and my navy throw blanket that is also from Target.

I also found this cute blue bird print. I was going to share with you about how to up-cycle old art but I didn’t realize that I had no memory card in my camera when I was taking pictures. So instead I will just tell you what I did.

I was on the hunt for some vintage bird prints when I came across this one. It was perfect the only problem was it was really ugly. This bird print was in a large dated blue frame that was too matchy-matchy with the picture. Then it was matted with a white mat which made the print look drab. It also had a second mat that was again the same color blue as the frame and the birds. It was a little over kill with the blue.

My original plan was to make a hanging poster of the print but whoever matted the art glued it right down to one of the mats and I ended up using a box cutter to cut it out. So now its almost like a thin canvas print.

I added my DIY Farmhouse Candlesticks and some soft pink flowers to complete the look. By pairing things in odd numbers it makes spaces look more balanced.

I am loving my bright and light sunroom bursting with flowers. The only thing that would make it better would be if all of my flowers were real! Now that would be really amazing!

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  • Rachelle

    Hi Jaclyn, I just happened upon your blog, and just love it. The name reminds me of El Paso De Robles in Ca, where my husband grew up! It translates The passing of the oaks.

    The cute flower market setup in your sun room put a smile on my face – Pinning!

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