Little Explorer Boys Room | One Room Challenge Fall 2016: Week 2



The first week of the One Room Challenge is complete. Progress was made on my Little Explorer Boys Room, not as much as I would of liked to get done. Some progress is better then no progress.

If you are just joining in, Welcome!

You can check out the inspiration board for the bedroom here.

The first week I was able to get the basic things done in the room. First, I filled all the holes in the walls. I am not sure what the previous owners had up on their walls but there are so many push pin sized holes in the wall. I lost count after I filled #30. Since the holes were so small most of them didn’t require any sanding, which was nice and saved me some time.




Next I filled the gaps in the baseboards. You can find a tutorial on how to fill the gaps in your baseboards here.

Since we are working on our Basement Remodel right now ( That area is its own work mess), and the dogs are in the garage (because they got sprayed by a skunk and smell – yuck-) and it has been raining pretty much all day for the last week, I have had to keep all of the hardware and doors in the room with me while I have been working. I have just kind of shifted it around from one side to the next.




The last thing I got accomplished during the first week was that I got the walls all primed.

When I paint I love starting with a really crisp white primed wall. This room started out with two blue accent walls and two white walls. You can see the blue walls here. I went over all the walls once with primer.

Yes, I even prime plain white walls.

That’s normal right?

Do you prime white walls or do you just paint them?

I also prefer to paint on primer and then paint on the color and not use a two in one paint. It takes more time, I know, but like I said I like starting to paint with a crisp white wall.




These blue walls however did not want to cooperate with my way of doing things. It took 5 coats of primer!

5 coats of primer before you couldn’t see any blue on the walls what so ever.  So that took up a lot of my time for this week.

I did get the paint for the walls and I am in love with the color.




The walls are going to be the Himalayan Trek By Benjamin Moore and it is such a great color! I can’t wait to get it up on the walls and show you what it looks like in real life.


Project To Do List:

  1. Mud the holes in the wall
  2. Prime the walls
  3. Paint the walls
  4. Paint accent wall
  5. Paint the dresser and nightstand
  6. Stain the closet doors
  7. Buy Bed and bedding
  8. Buy Room Decor
  9. Decorate


If you haven’t checked out all the other guest participants for the Once Room Challenge you need too! There are so many great rooms linked up and I am excited to follow along and see how they progress and turn out! You can find the other participates here.

Be sure to stop in again next Thursday to see what progress has been made on the room!


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