Must have tools for the DIY’er

Today is my Birthday!

I learned today that I share a birthday with Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander. While I would love anything from of my Outlander Gift Guide, Today I am sharing my favorite tools, gadgets and items necessary for every do it yourself type of person. Whether you are shopping for that DIY’er in your life or are adding to your DIY tool collection you are going to find those must haves all right here!

Must have tools for the DIY’er

1. Compact Drill

A tool that I use on a regular basis is my electric hand drill. This is an absolute must have for any DIY’er! This drill helps make those projects come together so quickly!

2. Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun comes in handy for so many things! Whether its making the rosettes for my Kentucky Derby party or putting together a last minute costume this DIY tool is a necessity!

3. Miter Saw

I absolutely love my Miter saw! It made installing my DIY Herringbone Board and Batten wall a breeze! With just the turn of a knob you can switch from cutting straight edges to angled edges.

4. Wet/Dry ShopVac

I am so excited to say that I just added this must have item to my DIY tools! My husband surprised me with this Stainless steel Wet/Dry Shop Vac for my birthday this year and it made my day! No more using my house vacuum to clean up after a messy DIY project, like deconstructing a couch or installing a Plank floor.

5. Hand Sander

One of my most used tools is my Ryobi hand Sander. This makes DIY projects a breeze! If its sanding down the boards for my DIY wood flooring or if I am making a farmhouse sign, this sander is super handy!

And of course no project could begin without my Yeti Tumbler full of Coffee! If you have never used a Yeti before, let me tell you, get one! This thing will keep your beverage of choice hot or cold for hours! I absolutely love mine and use it daily! I need to get a second one, now if I could only decide on a color!

I was completely stoked to get a shop vac for my birthday! I have been asking for one for awhile now. If you love to do DIY projects then you will understand the excitement of someone buying a tool you need!

What is on your must have tools for the DIY’er list?

Do you have a wish list like me?

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