Neutral Nutcracker Tablescape

Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations


The Nutcracker.

It is a Christmas classic full of color and sparkle and Christmas magic. I decided to take a new spin on the nutcracker Christmas decorations and create a Neutral Nutcracker Tablescape with just a small touch of color and the same amount of Christmas magic.


Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker


I had a few of these neutral nutcrackers already from a few years ago and I remember thinking when I created last years Christmas tablescape how fun it would be to create a neutral nutcracker tablescape for Christmas. Last year I didn’t have enough nutcrackers and by the time I started looking there weren’t any to be found as most of the Christmas decor had already been picked over.


Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker

Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker



This year I headed out at the first sign of Christmas decor in the stores and grabbed all the nutcrackers I could find to create my Neutral Nutcracker Tablescape. Most of these are DIY paint kit Nutcrackers that I simply didn’t paint. The kids were a little confused why I wasn’t  using the beautiful paint to color my Nutcrackers. My husband on the other had was glad I didn’t. He isn’t a fan of the traditional Christmas Nutcrackers but he said that he likes these so that’s a win!


Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker


Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker #manteldecor #christmasmantel


Since the Nutcracker is a classic book I wanted to incorporate that element into my neutral Nutcracker tablescape as well. [ Plus I think I may look for anyway to add book pages to my decor! ] My plan was to find a vintage Nutcracker story book and use the pages on my table. I had no luck finding anything other then a children’s book full of pictures. Which was not going to work with my tables setting. Of course I have a few old books sitting around waiting to be used as something so I decided to use those to get the look that I wanted.


Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker


Each place setting had a number instead of a place card. If you were having a Nutcracker party you could simply give your guests a seat number as they arrive. I also tucked some fresh pine behind the Nutcracker to add some natural touches.

When I was working on my table I was looking for ways to tie it all together and I came across these grey chargers that I had painted this summer. I was going for a concrete look and they came out…well…just plain dark grey. I held onto them not sure what I was going to use them on, but I knew that I would find a way to use them.  They paired beautifully with my Bushel Lid chargers creating a nice dark base for the neutral colors to contrast with.

To keep with the classic nutcracker theme I added these red plaid Christmas napkins. I know they are not a neutral tone but they really add to the Nutcracker tablescape and bring in a bit of that nostalgic feeling don’t you think?


Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker #redplaid #bookpagedecor


I added some larger neutral nutcracker decorations over on the dining room side table. I would love to add some more larger ones to my Nutcracker collection next year!


Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker #Christmasdecorations #Christmasentrywaydecor

Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker #nutcrackercollection


I created a faux tiered tray to hold our hot cocoa bar treats using my favorite marble and wood cake plates. I found the cute little Christmas pines at Walmart and placed them in some cute mini galvanized buckets that I got from Hobby Lobby.


Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker #redplaid #bookpagedecor #cocoabar #hotcocoa

Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker #redplaid #bookpagedecor #christmaschalkboard

Nutcracker Tablescape | #nutcracker #nutcrackerdecorations #neutralNutcracker #redplaid #bookpagedecor


I appreciate you stopping in and checking out my neutral Nutcracker tablescape!












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