New Year, New Look

I hope that the new year is treating you well. Our year started off normal. We celebrated New Years Eve with the kids a little early and then watched the New York ball drop on T.V. while sitting on our cozy couch. Just my husband and me. Shortly after that our family was hit with a stomach bug, and well that is never fun and it is always exhausting. So while I gather my frazzled tired self together and sit and focus on what I want to achieve for this new year, I thought that I would start with a new look for the blog. It is not much of a change. In fact it looks very similar to my first blog logo design, but this one is better!

You see I have a deep love for watercolor art! It is pretty close to the Rae Dunn love, I want all things watercolor. I decided that I would incorporate it into my blog logo to make it feel a little more like me. I also changed up the font a little bit to give it a full fresh new look.


So here is to a new year and a new look!

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