One Room Challenge Week 2 | Bathroom Progress | Spring 2016

kids bath

Our Coastal bathroom remodel is moving along. I am glad this One Room Challenge  is over a time of a few weeks because having a toddler and a speed crawling baby makes it challenging to do most remodel work during the day. The Toddler can not be left unattended or else she decides to help herself to her own snacks, like half a pan of brownies.


 How do you like my 90’s green counter tops by the way?

That’s another project for another day or perhaps another year. Stick around to find out!

The speed crawling baby is also becoming a bit of a dare devil and must be watched every moment of the day or else he takes his exploring to new heights.


How do you like the fireplace? That’s on the list to get a make over as well! Lots of good stuff coming up, but lets get back to the kids bathroom remodel. In case you missed it you can check out our inspiration board for the bathroom here. This is what has gotten done so far: The cabinets were sanded and I primed everything! The walls, the trim and the bathroom cabinets and the doors.

I did get a tiny bit of help when we first started working but she soon ran off to go play with her toys.


Here is a little progress shot of the walls and the trim both primed. The bathroom feels so fresh now that it is primed all white.


Here are the cabinets before and after a coat or two of primer.


I picked the paint colors for the bathroom as well. Based on my Bathroom Inspiration Pictures you most likely won’t be too surprised by my color choices.

kids bath paint

Top left- Dove White – By Glidden,  Top Right – Titanium by Benjamin Moore,

Bottom Left- Philipsburg Blue by Benjamin Moore, Bottom Right- Iron Ore – Sherwin Williams

The bathroom cabinets are going to be painted Philipsburg Blue. The walls are going to be painted Titanium. The trim is going to be painted Dove White, and accent items will be painted Iron Ore.

I have also found some great decor pieces for the bathroom that I can’t wait to show you!

One Room Challenge

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