One Room Challenge Week 4 | Bathroom Progress | Spring 2016

Welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

The coastal kids bathroom remodel is coming together nicely. I have made some great progress this week. I made a slight change to the design. My original plan was to paint the walls a beautiful light gray color, Titanium by Benjamin Moore to be exact. However once I had painted the walls with the primer I was really loving crisp white feel. I went with Dove White By Glidden which is the color of the trim.


For these bathroom walls I decided to do the paint in a flat tone. I feel like the flat tone goes with my design and I am not a big fan of the shiny/glossy look to walls. I want my room to feel like the walls are the limits of the space, not the main focus of the space. Kind of like a cupcake wrapper. They can look pretty, but most people are not focused on the cupcake wrapper, they are focused on what is inside of it. And now I want cupcakes,  anybody else?  haha


I also spray painted the door nobs and the hinges to the closet door in the bathroom. I just did a simple black spray paint by Rustoleum.


I would really love to add some ship lap to this door. I am not sure if it is going to happen right now for this one room challenge or not. My biggest  concern doing it is the door handle. If I add some wood behind it, is it going to fit properly and still work.  I am still figuring it out in my head and I still have some time to decide.


Here is a little before and after of what the door and door nob looked like. Its not the same exact door nob because I forgot to take a picture of that exact one, but all the door nobs and doors are the same in this house.


I got some assistance with hanging the shelves above the toilet from my husband. I always depend on him to hang things up for me. He is very precise and does a great job. I am to nervous to mess it up somehow. I am an eyeball it kind of person, which doesn’t go well with my need to have it perfect. I can always count on him to do it right.


So the walls are painted, the trim is painted, the bench is sanded, and the shelves are hung. I also got the cabinets painted as well! I am really loving this blue! I goes perfectly with the room.

I have run into a slight problem. Now that the cabinets are painted and the walls are painted white. The counter top in the bathroom is looking not so white any more.


So now I have to figure out what I am going to do with that. Do I get a new counter top or perhaps try to paint it? If you have any advice on this I would love to hear it!



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