Our New Place

I hope you enjoyed your summer!

We had such a crazy busy summer that went by too quickly. Life really took us on a roller coaster ride at the beginning of summer when our family made the move back to Minnesota.

To be honest I wasn’t very happy about moving back, but we do have a lovely house that will provide plenty of remodeling projects that I am excited to share with you!

Let me introduce you to our new place!

Our new place


I must admit that I fell in love with the house as soon as I saw the pictures online. So much so that we bought the house without ever setting foot in it! Seems a bit crazy I know. We made a trip out to Minnesota in the spring time to come look at a list of houses, however this house was not on the list as it had not been listed for sale yet.  None of those houses were the right one and we headed back home to Michigan kinda bummed out. We were not going to be able to make a second trip out to Minnesota any time soon.

Our new place


A few days after returning to Michigan I began the online search with our list of must haves for our new house. I was hoping that there would be some new houses listed that would fall within our budget and also be the size that we needed. I stumbled upon this house a few hours after it had been listed.


This house matched the layout statistics to one we were currently living in, with a few minor give and takes. This house had two more garages, but two less bathrooms. The yard was smaller but it had 4 fireplaces and more storage, (if you can believe that.)

After showing the house to my husband we knew we were not going to find a better house for us. We called our realtor and started the buying process. Now our realtor was a family friend and took a video walk through of the house for us. I would not normally recommend buying a house that you have never actually set foot in, but we trusted the people who could come and check out the house for us and after talking with them we were sold.




We moved out to Minnesota a few days before we received the keys to the house. The first time I stepped foot into the house was when we got the keys and were unloading the moving truck.

The house is beautifully build, it just needs a bit of updating.

Bye-Bye floral wallpaper and dark paneling!


There is more to the house but I can’t share all the goodies all at once!  Let’s just say that there are going to be a lot of projects to come!









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