Out with the Old in with the New

The house we moved from was the first house we bought. It was move in ready and for a newly wed couple and first time home owners it was perfect. It was a beautiful home with 12 foot ceilings with beautiful crown molding and vintage hard wood floors. I loved the house but we did little to it to since everything was all newly done when we moved in and life was busy.

It was bittersweet to move out of our first home that we lived in for 6 years. This little house is where many memories and life milestones occurred. It is where we started our life together as a Mr. and Mrs., adopted two puppies and welcomed two babies.

We also had family and friends and a church that we loved. All of which were hard to leave.

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Yet leaving was what I had prayed and asked God for. For 3 years it was what I thought of and wished for.

During those three years I got my hopes up a few times when I found job openings in the county that I wanted my husband to get a job in. Several led to nothing and one my husband was selected to the first and second round of interviews but He ended up not being selected for the job. My hopes were dashed.

Things were not moving along how I wanted them to, as quickly as I wanted them to, or to the location that I wanted to. I started becoming bitter about not moving.

I didn’t want to be bitterness to ruin my life and my relationships. It was out of my control anyways. I couldn’t make the companies give my husband a job. Even though there were times that I wish I could of. I stopped looking for job’s for my husband and for houses to buy.

So I gave up and gave it to over to God.

In the Summer of 2015, we started talking about buying property and building a house. In the same town in Minnesota that we were living in. I was a bit dreamy eyed with the building a house and getting to design it how we wanted. That was until my husband went to set things up for us to buy the property. The dreaminess quickly faded I had a mini panic attack thinking that if we built a house that would mean that we would be here for at LEAST another 10 years!! That was not what I wanted.

So my Husband and I talked about it and we made a deal.

For the next 18 months we would job search if no job came along then we were going to buy the property and build the house and stay in Minnesota.

In September the Mom’s Bible study that I had been attending started up again for the year. The first verse in our study was Matthew 7: 7-8.



One part kept coming back to my thoughts.


ASK and it will be given to you.

Ask and it will be given to you, For everyone who asks receives.

So I asked. I asked for a job for my husband,  I asked for a house that had all of our needs and wants.

About a month later I came across a job in Traverse City, Michigan. The job fit was perfect but it wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be, but I gave it a shot and sent it to my Husband to look at. He applied for the job and they called him to interview. Right after the interview they offered him the job.

We were going to be moving!


We had 30 days to pack up our house in Minnesota and get us moved to Traverse City, Michigan. We also had to find a new house to live in.  We came out for a weekend and had one day to look at houses. One day. I was a little stressed about the odds of us finding the perfect house in one day. The house with all of our needs was the second house that we looked at. Not only did it meet everything on our list of needs, it also had everything on our wants list as well and a little bit more. The house was perfect for us! We put in an offer that day and got the process started to make the house ours. Everything went smoothly and we were able to move in at the end of January.

There are so many more details that accompanied this story but I can not write them all down as this post would be forever long. So I leave you with this quote that I came across during our moving process. It is now one of my favorites.








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