Paper Heart Garland

Valentines Day is almost here!

I shared a throwback to last years Simple Valentines day decor on Instagram and I realized that I never shared how I made my heart garland.

This paper heart garland is a quick cheap DIY Valentines day craft that will add a touch of Valentines cuteness to any spot in your home!

I didn’t put up my paper heart garland up right away this year because I wasn’t sure where to use it. So I kept it tucked away in my Valentines Day decor bin to be pulled out when I found a place for it. Then of course I misplaced the bin! I seriously searched all over for it in the attic and then I randomly stumbled upon it in the back of my office….. Of course! This year I added the heart garland to the fireplace mantel in the dining room.

Paper Heart Garland Supplies

-Book pages

-Heart Template





-Sewing Needle (optional)

I like to use free or cheap as possible books when it comes to using them for projects. Typically those books are the romance novels so don’t go reading the book pages! I don’t know what they could say! Lol

Using a vintage cookie cutter as a template I traced the hearts onto the book pages and then cut them out with with scissors.

To make the paper heart garland I used a sewing needle and thread and threaded the hearts onto the string. If you don’t have a sewing needle on hand that is OK! You can still make the heart garland. Lay out the hearts face down and space them a few inches apart. Next lay the string across the back of them and tape the string to the back of the hearts.

Now add your garland to your Valentines Decor!

This may be the cheapest home decor item that I have made for my home. The books that I used I got for free and the string I already had in my sewing stuff.

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve a look that you like!

The other day I shared 5 Simple ways to Decorate for Valentines Day to help you decorate for the shortest holiday of the year. Head over and check it out!

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