Peter Pan Birthday Party Preperation


This little guy will be turning one in just a few short days.

His first year went by quickly it seems. It felt as if it went by faster then his sisters, maybe it is because he did everything earlier then she did. He rolled over, walked, and got teeth earlier then Arianna. He is becoming less and less of a baby each day and more of a toddler. 




Our family spent most of the weekend getting things ready for his Peter Pan themed party next weekend. Nothing can make you clean a house like having company over!




Ryder helped sweep the patio and the deck.




Arianna helped me paint the Jolly Rodger ship that I constructed out of cardboard. She loved helping me paint it and I enjoyed spending the one on one time with her. More on the ship to come after the party!




My helpers had a little break time to play in the sandbox.




We also headed to a craft show in town this weekend where I was able to get a few adorable things for the party as well! I forgot to take any pictures of the booths but I did snap this picture as we were walking to get there.




The invitations arrived for Ryder’s Birthday party. I got postcards from White Rabbit Press from Etsy

They are perfect and so adorable!



I also picked up some faux flowers for the Pixie Hollow fairy garden.




Pretty soon our backyard is going to be transformed into Neverland with different areas for the kids to play. We will have the Jolly Roger at Skull rock, Princess Tigerlilly’s Teepee at Indian Camp, Mermaid Lagoon, Tinkerbell’s Pixie Hollow and Peter Pan and the Lost Boys Hideout.  I have been having a lot of fun creating the decorations for each area and can’t wait for his party to get here so I can set it all up to show you!

You can check out some sneak peeks of more decorations on my Instagram account @OneThousandOaks


Come join me on Pinterest and see my collection of Peter Pan and Neverland inspiration!


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