Quick Bruschetta Chicken

I hope you had a great weekend. We spent the weekend visiting family and enjoying the beautiful weather that we had here in Michigan.  I even got a little bit of the start of a tan, well sort of.

**Wishful thinking**  

I love that the weather is getting warmer because that means we get to break out the grill! I love grilling, it makes for fast easy dinners with very little clean up! I mean, who wants to spend the nice warm weather inside washing pots and pans from dinner. Not me!

I am sharing with you my first grilled recipe of the season: Easy Bruschetta Chicken. This recipe is a great one to have because it is quick and easy and tastes delicious!  You don’t have to grill it either if you don’t want to.




This recipe is perfect for warm weather because it is so light and fresh.


Tomatoes are a favorite of mine. I can’t wait to grow some this summer. The smell of Basil reminds me of my Dad’s pizza. He owns a food truck called Rollin Stone Wood Fired Pizza and it is amazing!


Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper and grill until done to your liking. If you are not using a grill put them in the oven on 375F and bake for 30 minutes or until the juices run clear. While the chicken cooks chop up the tomato, basil, garlic and red onion.


I use a Pampered Chef garlic press for my garlic. I use my garlic press almost every day! I highly recommend getting one if you do not have one! You do not have to peel the garlic either, just put it in and press! It is very quick and saves time. You can get one HERE.

2576-2-lgMix in the Balsamic vinegar and Olive oil and then place the refrigerator until chicken is done.


When the chicken is finished cooking top it with the Balsamic tomato mix and serve.


*If* you have any left overs it is great the next day for lunch too!


Have you started grilling out yet? What is one of your favorite grilling recipes?

 Join me again on Thursday for the One Room Challenge Week 3.


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