How to save on wall hooks

When I was working on my Coastal Bathroom for the One Room Challenge. I hunted for the perfect style hook to hang towels on, that would go with the theme and feel of the room. I like my themes to be recognized but subtle at the same time.

I came across several hooks that I really liked, like these hooks from Anthropologie.

38043196_027_b10At $18 each I kept looking. I didn’t want to spend a large portion of my budget on wall hooks. These hooks were a bit better on my budget at $9.95 each, but I kept searching and I am so happy that I did.



I came across this hook set while shopping at T.J.Maxx, and for only $6, it was perfect.


hooksHere are 3 tips on how to save on wall hooks.




1. Find a set of hooks that can be removed from the base.

Like I said above I found the perfect hooks at T.J.Maxx for $6 for 3 hooks. That is only $2 a hook! I simply had to unscrew them and screw them onto a new board. Every time I walk pass the wall hook section while I am shopping I browse for any cute hooks that could be removed from the original board . Here they are in the kids coastal bathroom on a new board.


2. Hit up the thrift stores

I have found some great deals on hooks at the thrift stores as well. Again you can take the hooks off and add them to a new board or screw them right to the wall. I got six of these hooks for just $1.99.  These hooks are going to end up in our mudroom or in our guest bedroom.


3. Up cycle hooks that you already have.

When we moved into our house, they had these hooks in the entrance way by the garage.




While they were not the most beautiful things to look at, they get used a lot in our house, as they are by our main in and out door. Instead of going out and buying new wall hooks I decided to make them more attractive and fit our decor by spray painting these.



Spray paint is a great way to up cycle things.




Now they fit our house decor and have a beautiful farmhouse feel. A can of spray paint cost me $3. Hooks similar to these at Signature Hardware are sold for $12.95 each. These hooks will be moved to our mudroom once it is completed.




Use these tips to save on wall hooks so you can spend stretch the money in your budget the best way possible.


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  • Kathleen

    What great advice, Jaclyn! I’m a HUGE fan of Goodwill, and your hook tips are really helpful. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xxoKathleen

  • Carol@blueskykitchen

    Jaclyn, great idea and thanks for reminding me that we don’t have to buy the first thing we see ~ we may already have it or we can be patient and shop a bit more. Thanks so much for sharing at Your Inspired Design Link Party.

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