Simple Door Makeover with DecoArt CurbAppeal

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Its spring time and as the sun comes out more and more it makes me want to tackle those outside projects more and more. One of those spaces that really needed a fresh look and a bit of work to it was our back patio and patio door. This is our in and out to the backyard all day long and we haven’t done anything to it since we moved into the house almost two years ago.

This door was so dirty and stained! The little windows were filled with dirt buildup and there were orange rust stains running down the front of it. Not to mention the dirt from the kids and dogs.

I knew that I could easily freshen up this space and give it a whole new look with some DecoArt Curb Appeal paint.

I have previously used DecoArt’s Curb Appeal paint to paint my front door last summer. The paint goes on quickly and has great coverage and is very durable! My front door still looks the same as the day I painted it! There has been no fading or chipping of any kind!

DecoArt has a great selection of colors for their Curb Appeal paint. I asked my husband to help me pick a color to paint our back door. I had narrowed it down to four colors already, Nantucket Grey, Cottage Moss, Williamsburg Blue, and Salem Grey.

Nantucket GreyCottage MossWilliamsburg BlueSalem Grey

Blue and Greens are the majority of the colors in our house so it is no surprise that those were the my top color choices. I wanted to add a fun pop of color to this space since the walls around it are white.

We both picked Cottage Moss as our top favorite. The name fits the color perfectly it is a true mossy green and it makes me want to create a little cottage patio in this space now, Once all the snow has melted!

In Minnesota the weather is not always cooperative to your plans of working outside. Our patio is shaded for most of the day by the house so the snow is so slow to melt. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful day for painting the door. It was a bit windy the day that I painted so I ended up with a bunch of leaves blown into the house while I had the door open to dry. I am just glad none of them stuck to the door while the paint was wet!

When I painted the door we still had the last two inches of ice and snow to melt off, but then we got a huge snow storm and got another foot of snow! ugh!

I had to dig out my doormat and shovel away the snow a bit just to take some pictures of the door!

I also updated the door hard wear with some matte black spray paint. I plan on going back over it with the Curb Appeal in Black since it holds up so well and the spray paint is already starting to come off from wear.

Here is a little side by side comparison of how much paint can transform a space!

I added my new Kirklands White Poppy and Peony wreath to the door and hung it up with a fancy command hook. I have some other things that I am planning on adding to this space but I think I will wait until I know that the snow is gone for good before I add it to this space!

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