Something Wicked Halloween Decor

Halloween is just a week away and I thought that I would give you a tour around my house and show you my Halloween decorations for this year. We have had so much rain and overcast sky’s that I was worried that I wasn’t going to get any good pictures to share with you. However, the skies cleared for a day and I was able to get some pictures of my Halloween decorations.

Something Wicked Halloween Decor

At the front door you are greeted with some spooky tree branches and green ferns.

Oh and the many natural spider webs.

The down side to living in the woods.



A few spiders have made it in the house and have been quickly terminated, but most of them like to camp out and make spider webs on the siding of my house.  Any tips for keeping spider’s from spinning webs on the siding of your house would be much appreciated! Seriously! I have tried spraying them off with the hose, but it hasn’t worked.

At the end of our long porch sits our bench.


I used some branches from our burn pile that we had cut in the early summer and propped them up behind the bench to give it a eerie feeling.



Come sit a spell.





Once you walk in the front door you are greeted by a group of flying bats.


Don’t mind the missing light switch cover. I took it off to paint the hall wall and I can’t remember where I put it!


Once you reach the end of the hall you enter the living room where the fireplace is located. This year I decided to do a little bit of a theme for my decor. I decided to decorate with the Wicked Witch of the West as my focus.


No flying monkeys could be found, so I settled for black birds and my cute owl in a top hat!


A basket full of white pumpkins.


I really love my large dark green pumpkin. Almost as much as my little white pumpkins!


A fancy witch hat.



From there you go to the kitchen table.

You can see more pictures and learn how to make your own table runner HERE.14670726_10157463594555562_4607703713444356906_n

Then the entrance way by the garage, which is our normal drop zone when we get home. Since I had put up decorations everyone had to take their things to their room.



I kept with the Wicked Witch of the West theme here as well with the brooms but I did want a broom sign that wasn’t the typical Halloween broom sign, you know the ones:

Broom parking- Violators will be toad

Free broom rides

The Olde Salem Broom Co


I set off searching for ideas that would work with my theme and I couldn’t find anything that I really liked that wasn’t already or had been done before.


I will be sharing a how to DIY a farmhouse sign where I will also tell you where I got the inspiration for my broom sign, But you will have to come back tomorrow and check it out!



Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing my Halloween Decorations!







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  • Renee

    I love the theme! I will have to show this to my sister she wanted to do a theme like this. She said she was looking for flying monkeys, I said you better get to making them! It all looks so great! I had to laugh at your missing light switch plates, since I have several missing around my house! I kept meaning to to put them back on😒. The basket of pumpkins is so cute!


      I think I may have to break down and just buy new ones because I can not find them anywhere! lol Glad to know that I am not alone!
      Thanks for sharing!



      Thanks so much! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it has been so fun decorating our new house for the first time!


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