Spring in the Entryway


I was doing a bit of spring cleaning the other day and some how it ended up in me redecorating my entrance way table for Spring. I don’t know how that happened, but I’m not upset about it.

Does that ever happen to you?

It may happen more often then I would like to admit, but you must act when inspiration strikes.

I haven’t touched my entrance way table since Christmas time really and so it really needed to be redecorated.



I have really been admiring glass decor lately and really wanted to incorporate it more into my decor. I used some of it in my Spring Dining Room decor but I wanted to make a pretty vignette of all my recycled glass bottles and demijohns.


I have been pinning glass decor so much that I decided to make a Pinterest board for it!



My Everett table is still one of my favorite things in my home. It really made the perfect table to display all of my glass bottles and demijohns. I really like how the lighter wood pairs with the blues in the recycled glass. I have also been thinking about getting a large area rug for the entrance way. I laid out two of the small area rugs that I had around the house to get an idea pf what it might look like and if I wanted a cute jute rug for this area.

What do you think, Rug or no rug?



This room is still a work in progress. It doesn’t have a light fixture in it because I took it down to put a new one up and well….the new one hasn’t been finished yet. I am hoping to get to get that project wrapped up soon so I can share it with you!  I did find something new today to add to the space above the entrance way table. You can head on over to my Instagram and check out my stories for a sneak peek if you like.



This room has come a long way, but its not quite done yet. At least it now has some pretty spring decor to brighten it up a bit.











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