The Complete Gift Guide for Outlander Fans

This guide has everything that Outlander Fans could want! Outlander T-Shirts, Fraser Plaids, Maps of Scotland, Outlander Scented Candles and more! Check it out now to find something for your self or your Outlander loving friend! #murtaghoutlander #voyageroutlander #briannaoutlander #fergusoutlander #outlandervoyage #outlandergeillis #outlanderfanart #outlanderseries #outlanderjamie #outlanderjamiefraser #outlanderseason

Its November 4th which means Outlander season 4 premiers tonight!!!

I became a big fan of Outlander after a fellow Instagrammer – Erin @Cottonstem mentioned it last year. The books sounded interesting and I had just finished reading the Harry Potter series and was looking for something new.

I ordered the first one off of Amazon, Man was I hooked!

I love historical novels and this one falls right into it!  These books will make you feel it all and you will be sad to finish the series because it is one that you wish could just keep going!

I thought it would be fun to put together a Complete gift guide for Outlander Fans!

I started my search and just went down the rabbit hole. There are so many Outlander Type gifts so I tried to keep my list somewhat short. So if you see a mug with a phrase that you like it probably comes in a Shirt form too and vise versa! Just click on the link to see what other options there might be!

You may have some of these things already and you may find some unique gifts to add to your Christmas list this year or give to a fellow Outlander bestie!


If you need to catch up, Here is the Complete Outlander Book Series to Read!

As well as the DVD’s Outlander Season 1, Outlander Season 2 and Outlander Season 3.


Complete Gift Guide for Outlander Fans


1.Fraser Crest  2. Fraser Tartan Shoulder Bag  3. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!  4. Inverness Winter Tea


1. Highland Fling Soap  2.  Fraser Tartan Scarf 3. Outlander: Destiny Dice Game 4. Lady of Lallybroch


   1. Outlander Kitchen: Cookbook  2. Sassenach Mug  3. Outlander Card   4. Wine Charms


1. Tartan Shawl Wrap  2. Jamie’s Aliases  3. Claire’s Rose Balm  4. A.Malcolm Mug


1. Lead like Dougal, Serve Like Murtagh 2. Je Suis Prest Sweatshirt 3. Coloring Book 4. Sassenach Vinyl 


1. Outlander Symbol Earring Sets 2. Highland Bagpipes Art Print  3. Be Like Claire   4. Time Traveler Pin


1. James Fraser Printer Art 2. Sporran Coin Purse  3. Claire’s Shawl  4. Outlander Scottish Oat Soaps


1. Scotland Map 2. Dragonfly Tartan Keychain  3. Craigh Na Dun Traveler T Shirt  4. Sassenach Mug

1. Outlander Necklace 2. Scotland T-Shirt  3. Leather Outlander Binder   4. MacKenzie Tartan Leggings


1. Outlander Tea Infuser 2. Mentholated “Goose” Grease  3. Craigh na Dun Necklace 4. Tartan Key Fob


1. Outlander Location Coasters 2. Outlander Candles Set  3. Fraser’s Ridge   4. Outlander Arm Warmers


1. Magnetic Bookmark Set 2. The Skye Boat song 3. The Scot – Tea Blend 4. Dragonfly Necklace


  1. Je Suis Prest Shirt  2. Fraser Clan Crest Pint 3. Outlander Fraser Tartan Shawl 4. Sassenach Candle


1. Great Stone Circles 2. Aye, Sassenach 3. Songs of Two Rebellions: The Jacobite Wars 4. You Have My Name


1. Clan Fraser T-Shirt  2. Jamie Fraser Candle  3. To Bed….  4. Lallybroch T-Shirt


1. Outlander: Soundtrack Collection  2. Dinna Fash Vinyl  3. Crown and Thistle Journal 4. Map of Scotland



The Complete Gift Guide for Outlander Fans! #outlander #jamiefraser #claire #Scotland #outlanderseries #giftguide #booklover #bookgiftideas #murtaghoutlander #voyageroutlander #briannaoutlander #fergusoutlander #outlandervoyage #outlandergeillis #outlanderfanart #outlanderseries #outlanderjamie #outlanderjamiefraser #outlanderseason









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